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Kinx v0.19.3 Preview Released

Although I used to be a C++/Boost lover, I was back to C with the spirit of Zen, or the spirit of "simple is the best". Also returning to rock and roll from metal, I'm really into Rolling Stones.
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Hello everybody!

I published Kinx v0.19.3 preview release. It newly supported a Debugger. A Debugger manual is here

If you have some kind of interest on it and you want to try to use it, don't hesitate to use it.

Thank you in advance.

See you!

Discussion (2)

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Krrish Dhaneja

Hey @Kray-G , nice to meet you here, is the work for extension done?

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Kray-G Author

Thanks for the comment!
I'm still working in progress for the extension. It would need to do more a little, and also I would like to connect this debugger to a debugger extension of VSCode but I am researching how to do it...