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How to Build a Instant Messaging App?

krish61217527 profile image Krish Kash ・1 min read

MirrorFly is a complete messaging suite for enterprises to build a customizable collaborative platform across Web, Android, iOS devices to establish virtual connectivity. The Instant Messaging solution offers multiple sorts of communication mediums like voice & video calls, real-time chat, video conferencing to connect remote teams from multiple devices. MirrorFly provides feature-rich APIs and SDKs to integrate communication platforms on any application. The enterprise messaging solution is capable of holding a concurrent user base around 1M+. MirrorFly is compatible with end-to-end encryption, signal protocol, AES-256 bit and other privacy compliances like HIPAA, GDPR, COPAA to secure the entire conversations.

Highlights of MirrorFly Instant Messaging Solution

  1. Video Calling
  2. Voice Calling
  3. Real Time Messaging
  4. Live Broadcasting
  5. Video Conferencing
  6. SIP & VoIP Calling
  7. Push to Talk
  8. Screen Sharing
  9. Multi Channel
  10. End to End Encryption

To know more about MirrorFly’s collaboration solution for businesses -

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