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The Worlds Leading Real Time Chat Software That Made Biggest Impact In 2019

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Imagine how the world would stumble without the communication system. One would Dare to do so. If not for communication, the whole world will be apart. Growing from non-verbal communications to proper verbal communications, with the innovations & technology the communication system expanded into an evolving and vast branch of information exchange marketplace.

The worldwide communication network, known as the global unified communications market size is growing upwardly with an approximate estimation reach USD 167.1 billion by 2025, exhibiting a CAGR of 16.8% during the forecast period, source the latest report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Given the current global scenario, the significance of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform is on an increasing scale. The remote workforce, handling Big data over the cloud, increase in virtual business meetings, and digital devices are the pivotal factors leading to the adoption of Unified Communication Solutions across various enterprises.

The major goals for many organizations are to streamline their business processes and be a part of the digital transformations. Enabling business to achieve it is possible by integrating Unified Communication systems with Artificial Intelligence.

The Internet of Things(IoT), AI integration with UC, urges the solution providers to come up with highly advanced versions of team collaboration software tools covering voice, text, chat and email as one in all Chat solutions for enterprises.

If you are a business owner or stakeholder, then give a read through the below sections to understand how effective communication systems will help your business grow in the coming years.

Unified Communication as a Solution: The Rise and Demand

Enterprises are trying to infuse instant and unified messaging solutions within their organization to speed up the workflow process. The rapid growth of smartphone and other digital device users with a CAGR of 4.6% between 2019-2025, the opportunity for enterprises to capitalize on the UC as a solution and progress business communication is high.

Global unified communications & collaboration market is segmented into four by technology, by verticals and by region & country level. Thus, the overall increase in enabling enterprise communication software has led to the demand for unified communications to evolve as a solution.

The Crux: Communication Software

Well, We all send and receive emails, do file transferring and exchange messages all these are a part of some communication software. The technology, involving a set of applications allowing to communicate with other people in real-time, is known as communication software.

How Does Chat Solution Work?

The communication software generally facilitates an exchange of messages among teams internally and externally with customers. The recent addition to this solution is remote team meetings and real-time discussions, which is possible with live chat platforms, messaging applications, email, VoIP, and FTPs.

These systems are usually available as standalone tools with features focusing on streamlining business communications, customer feedback handling, and updates. However, one could see that integration of these features into an existing enterprise infrastructure is possible too. CRM is one of the best examples of this.

Who are the beneficiaries?

"If the Communication system fails almost all businesses around the world would collapse."

  1. Whether it is a small-scale business or a multinational corporation, irrespective of its size communications play a crucial part in running them.

  2. Multi-location Business & Clients: Business having more than one office location and remote client locations use the system for remote interaction, training, Video-conference calling.

  3. Call Centres: Call centres with a high-volume of customers database need to equip their staff with effective communication devices.

  4. B2C Company Back Office Support: Many B2C companies like Amazon, eBay need to track the orders, updates, share order tracking to its customers and manage feedback. The back office process of e-commerce businesses uses the system.

Small-Scale business & IT Vendors: Use communication systems to enhance customer experience and interact with them.

List of Top Real-time Chat Software Providers

The market is having an enormous number of Real-time Chat Software providers, the chat solution companies below are the list of industry's best options available.

1. MirrorFly: Future-Centric Chat Application

“MirrorFly has capabilities to support > 1 Million Concurrent users”
A 100% customizable best-in-class Messaging SDK for Android & ios suitable for all business sizes. This chat API offers you an all-in-one platform which you can deploy flexibly over the cloud & on-premise with less than 30ms latency, 3-tier security, real-time language translation of messages, proactive chat, effective collaboration comprising file transfer, sharing and whiteboard enabling VoIP. Moreover, MirrorFly offers authentic sign-in, data encryption, synchronization, file browsing, and WebRTC supports any mobile device, Android, iOS & Web app. Uses LDAP to sync the chat directory, has the PiP mode(Picture-In-Picture), provides a centralized chat dashboard and uses XMPP protocol. If looking for an end-end- customizable top real-time messaging system and collaboration software, this is the best option.

2. ApphiTect: A multi-faceted chat API & messaging SDK

The Instant messaging solution of ApphiTect makes use of the cutting edge technologies like Erlang, Apache Cassandra, Amazon S3 Bucket and offers real-time chat software on windows, ios, is one of the best video chat software for android and Web. A multi-faceted web chat SDK that supports to build instant messaging apps that power real-time communication with a native chat experience including Enterprise communication, personal chats and carry social interactions. The best real time messaging software comes with multiple features such as Presence Indication, GeoLocation tracking, Video & Voice Calling with multimedia Sharing and unlimited storage. This IM supports currently up to 65,000 daily active users. If looking for a chat API integration in less than 10 business days, this should be your choice.

3. Messagenius: Tailored Corporate White Label App

A secure and real-time messaging platform for Enterprises with options to white-label the real-time messaging app to keep up the brand identity. This smart IM software comes with a blast message, alert trigger, dashboard and tools for C-suite management. Ensuring the enterprise security Meassagenius offers private installation, on-premise and cloud hosting options. Supported by black box chats and black hole Chats, it can easily be integrated into existing Intranet, CRM or Task Manager. You can request for a demo of this exclusive C-suite IM solution.

4.Fuze: A Unified platform empowering the workforce

This cloud communication and contact-centre platform is one of the best chat software for enterprises. The Enterprise Cloud PBX phone system allows video and screen share directly within a Fuze call. Fuze provides a suite of integrations connecting to the most popular applications, and is a messaging API for iOS, and custom Chat Solution for android apps. Thus, when you use Fuze, your organization can seamlessly sync the data. The plan prices differ according to the service you opt, ranging from 12 Euro for a Fuze meeting to 58 Euro per user/p.m for the Fuze Unlimited Global plan. However, one can mix and match the plans to get a complete fuze experience.

5. Consolto: The Easy Install Plugin for IM

A complete instant messaging software for business, focusing on CRM (Client Relationship Management system) Consolto will help you simplify, organise and enhance your sites engagements over a simple dashboard tailored chat solutions for business. The easy to install plugin offers you to set-up your very own pay-per-session platform within minutes. This comes as a 7 Day free trial and you can scale up to the paid plan afterwards starting from $10 per month.

6. Contus: Interactive Chat API with digital Whiteboard

This one-time License Cost Chat API comes with numerous benefits for enterprises. Contus Chat SDK & API offers 100% customization along with white labelling the solution. This cross-platform messaging API allows you to expand beyond billion users using the WebRTC is one of the top group video call software across all platforms. Features to look in are CallKit, cross-platform calling, integration on various apps, record and share, robust authorization, AES & SSL Encryption, multiple streaming channel creation and manage all in one admin dashboard. If you are a business owner or an individual looking for Chat SDK for Android & ios with monetization then Contus Chat API best suits you.

7.Nexify: NEXCHAT The user-friendly IM

The Hongkong based IM solution provider Nexify offers NEXCHAT, an accurate and reliable communication platform. The real-time IM allows document sharing with dynamic watermarks, offer software to set up 20 chat rooms . Exchanging multimedia messages,1-to-1 chat, group chat and document share are the major features of NEXCHAT. The two-factor authentication, screenshot capture alert are added features. This IM is exclusively designed for the healthcare segment.

8. Arthonsys: IM Chat Solution for Business

This IM & Web Chat Solution is for all diverse businesses. Arthonsys offers a wide range of options like Instant messaging, social chat integration, Enterprise collaboration and multimedia sharing in real-time. This Chat API is developed using the vertex technologies including XMPP, SQLite, Gradle for Android, Braintree and The scalable and customizable solution also allows Isolated framework, language, database server, and back-end tools. To know the exact pricing one must contact the service provider directly.

9.Mesibo: Modular & Easy to Integrate Chat API

Mesibo offers you to build a real-time messaging API which is scalable up to a billion users. The lightweight, modular, and easy to integrate is a powerful API supporting platforms like Android, C++, Python, Roseberry, Pi and one of the best chat software for iphone. Features to watch include In-app Messaging and Chat API, Group Messaging, On-Premise Deployment, Ready to use UI Modules and AI chatbots & Machine Learning interface. "A Demo can save you Dollars". So, If you wish to use a chat platform for business try their demo first.

10. Sendbird: Enterprise Ready Chat Solution

The Sendbird Web Chat API comes with a full-featured team chat software and messaging options. The Sendbird UIKit with its rich pre-built UI components offers auto-translation up to 50 languages, the AES256 Encryption allows secure file transfer. This also allows conversation when a user goes offline. Adhering to all leading security and compliance like HIPAA/HITECH and SOC 2, the Enterprise ready to use solution is applicable across the various industries including marketplace, Healthcare, customer support, hiring services and Gaming. They do provide a free trial with all the pro features.

Now that you have understood the need for Video & Audio Calling APIs and SDKs and perused through the list, you can choose the right one for your enterprise and watch your business scale and grow to unforeseen heights.
Different types of Communication Software you should Know.

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