Weird questions for a job interview as a developer

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What are some of the weirdest questions (and by this I mean both witty and purely awkward) you have received during a job interview?
Personally, I don't have a vast experience with interviews. However, sharing what you have encountered could be of a great help for others. Plus, it is always fun to hear what crazy questions pop up in people's head :)

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If you're a pizza delivery guy and you have scissors what are you going to do with a scissors?

If Mary's mother has 4 children named June, July, and August what is the name of the fourth child?

mind you I drove 1hr and 30mins to this job interview and going home 2hrs because of LA traffic. SMH!

oh, they asked me to wait for 1hr too.


Leaving you waiting is really unprofessional. I wound not go for a second interview there for sure.


It was fine for me because they had an emergency meeting or something. But those question was really off because they only want someone who can do html. SMH :(


There is a reason behind the question but the first time I heard it it was weird.

  • how many gas stations exist in the USA

Alternative question with the same idea is

  • how many cooking oil your country produces.

Both questions just care about how you think and how fast you will give estimation that you have 0 idea about.

Another weird one, kinda HR question was:

  • Why road shafts oval, what is the point (many correct answers can be given here)

One similar to the first two I have heard from friends is

  • What is the total amount of windows in all office buildings in NY?
  • Who invented logarithms?
  • Why is cast Iron called pig Iron?

Now here is my own witty awkward question:

Where were those questions were asked?

Edit: not Google

Give me your top three guesses.
Googling is for loosers.


I honestly do not think that even Google could help me guess. 😁 Btw, I'm more shocked about the second question. At least the first is connected to mathematics.
The only thing that comes to my mind is that Google likes to ask weird questions, but it is not the only one...

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