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Kristian Lentino
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A very useful resource about Design patterns

For the past few weeks I've been delving into the topic of Design Patterns through a very useful website called .
This resource has proved to be of great quality, the examples are very simple and easy to understand being all taken from real cases in addition to the way of explaining is very clear and concise, i suggest it to every beginner to start to learn programming.
So I decided to buy the book of the author of the website: "Dive into Design Patterns" by Alexander Shvets.
Reading that I recommend to all programmers who want to deepen this important aspect of programming (also the site provides everything you need, but in the book obviously deepens).
Has anyone read it? Opinions?

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I second this. Both the book and the website are amazing resources.

I would like to add just one more thing, reading is not enough, try to implement some (if not all) patterns in your language of choice.

Try coming up with your own ideas, implement them as instructed by the pattern and then try extending them a bit with extra functionalities so that you get a sense of the scalability and ease of modification provided by the pattern.

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Kristian Lentino

Yeahh i absolutely aggree with you!