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I made a Hack Quiz in 48 hours.

Hack This Quiz

In short, I wanted to challenge myself and I made a hacking quiz in 48 hours with Vanilla JavaScript and Firebase.

Look at it here:

How to play?

Basically, it's really simple.
You need to insert a password to move forward and collect all the points.
You are given a paragraph of text and occasionally a hint which helps you and directs you toward finding the correct password.

Use any means and knowledge necessary in order to find a password!


Obviously not to practice UX and UI. :D
The application has a terrible UX and UI design, mainly because I wanted to focus on learning MVC in Vanilla JavaScript and most of how to handle Firebase for database management, user management, deploy and hosting purposes.

  • I want to challenge myself in 2020. to learn as much as I can about certain technologies. Coming up and completing these little challenges help me stay alert and sharp.

Closing words

Feel free to play it and make sure to tell me how'd you like it!
I am opened to have a meaningful discussion about improvements, questions, UI/UX or any kind of advice you can think of.

Let me know in the comments below if you've played it and let's chat about it!

Have fun! \m/
Stay awesome!

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David Velasco • Edited

Thanks for the little app, it was a fun exercise :)

Use any means and knowledge necessary in order to find a password!

Took this literally, so I just grabbed the answers from the database ;)

kristijanfistrek profile image

That's the way to go! 😁