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DJ'ing with different Tech Stacks.

Hello, DEV Friends. Few days back while working on my React Application I was thinking that why sometimes we are only thinking about a particular language/framework in which we code generally. I like to learn different things and blend them then why not in Coding.

So, Let us take a different perspective as one moves from Beginner to Intermediate level or to Senior Level. You can think of yourself as a DJ(DJ of Tech here not music :P) who can mix and match different technologies to create Best Apps which has great UI, greater performance. So you have to think about solving problems in the most optimized way.
Hence, Let us talk about how we can make our React Apps better:

  1. React best practices: Thinking in React, use React best practices which we have been following usually. Refer to React docs.Go through the Redux toolkit, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, React Router 6. Learn JavaScript first then start creating apps in React to understand it better.

  2. React 18:Once you are aware of all the core React features and how to use it better then go through the React 18 features. Read about useTransition, Automatic Batching, Suspense, etc.

  3. Next JS: We all know it is a React Framework for production. It is used for server-side rendering. It is better performance wise and if you have used React Router, you might know how easy it is to declare different routes in NextJS. Then why not create better apps using NextJS.

  4. TypeScript: TypeScript does not need any introduction. We all know how cool it is. Blend your React apps with TypeScript to avoid errors and more. I do not want to go in detail or copy-paste its technical definition. I just want to put the stress on the point that if you want to create an application then why not a better one.

  5. Material UI/SASS/Other UI Frameworks: There are so many frameworks out there like SASS, Material UI, Ant Design, Bootstrap, style-components, Tailwind CSS, Bulma CSS, Semantic UI and many more. Find out which works best for you. Find out in which you are more comfortable or you think will be suitable for creating your applications as per your requirement. Learn CSS basics, CSS-Flexbox, CSS-Grid and then try these Frameworks. These Frameworks save your time in coding the design for your application.

  6. Other Libraries/Frameworks/React Frameworks: In one of the conferences I got to learn about SOLID, Svelte, Concurrent React 3D, Threejs, etc. Once you reach a good level in ReactJS, try using one of these mentioned above.

  7. MERN Stack: Last but not the least, learn how to create Full-stack applications using frontend, backend & database. You can learn Nodejs for backend which is nothing but JavaScript. For database you can start with either MongoDB or PostgreSQL. If not MERN stack, you can use Firebase or serverless functions for backend along with Reactjs.

I have read somewhere that programming language is like a pencil/tool which you use to draw the picture. So use whichever works best for you and solve the problem.

If you are not using JavaScript/React then find out how can you blend your language/framework with others to create magic.
Please do tell me about your views and experiences on the same in comments.

Happy Coding :)
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