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The Mindset of a Coder.

Hello, Dev Friends. Wish you all a very Happy New Year.
For some of you, your New Year resolution might be to learn coding/ get a job in Tech / switch your career into Tech or to improve your skills as a Coder.
Here are some of the skills/mindset needed as per my understanding to be a better Coder.These are listed based on my learnings, experiences and what I learnt from others.

I am not saying that you are born with these skills as if you are Neo from Matrix movie and I am trying to tell you that "You are The One." No, you can be the one if you develop certain mindset along with the required skills.

So, let us go through the list:

  1. The problem solving ability: You should be able to understand the problem correctly and completely.Then you must break the problem into chunks and solve it by communicating it to the Teddy Bear in front of you(if you have one or any person :D) and write a pseudo code in parallel.Once you are done with the solution,now code the solution in your respective language.Hence, practice DS & Algo questions.

  2. Having a Growth mindset: In order to build a software you must behave like one.I meant to say that we should always be willing to update ourselves with the trend.For example,if you know JavaScript today,tomorrow in your job you might be expected to know TypeScript too.So you cannot survive with a fixed mindset.Be ready to learn new things.Be flexible.

  3. Learn CSS/CSS frameworks- In order to make a complete application you should know CSS or any CSS framework so that you are able to design it responsively along with the working functionality.

  4. Learn a programming language-Learn 1 programming language first.When you understand any 1 programming language in detail,it becomes easier to understand other languages/frameworks.Most of the languages have loops,Object oriented concepts,strings,arrays,etc in common.So you can understand the common concepts,language specific syntaxes in other languages easily.

  5. Learn Git commands and know Github where you can push your projects.

  6. Learn the coding concepts in detail as it makes the whole learning process interesting.
    For example, Do you know how the concept of Closures has been used to save state?Check out this video.

  7. Google: Yes,Google.You should learn how to find the answers if you do not know it.Google is definitely your Best Friend.

  8. Consistency: To be a great Coder you need to stay consistent in your learning. Keep learning and practicing your skills regularly to be in the pace.

Let me know what more points you would like to add to the list.

Happy Coding :)
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Aman Patel☕

It was a good read. Thank you for sharing :)