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Build Products to learn coding.

Hello Dev Friends.
I wish before starting with programming I would have known that it is one of the tools to change the world.It is not just about learning a programming language.In one of my previous blogs I have written about How to think while building Applications but here I want to talk about how to think about what to build.

If you are a beginner then most probably you might be scrolling through the tutorials online to find out what you should build next.There are several ideas out there on the internet.And the most obvious advice we have heard is to "Build, Build and Build Projects".

So,here are my points:

1.After you reach a comfortable level in coding,do not search for the projects on internet for a minute and think about what YOU would like to build for your own and not just for learning.

2.Start with a known problem if not a very complex one.

3.Jot down the features you would like to add to the application.

4.Finalise the UI.

5.Once you are done with the solution then start coding.

6.My advice would be to code it completely without looking at any tutorial to see how others have done it. Ofcourse, Google when you are stuck.

7.Once you are ready with version 1,think about what more features you would like to add to it further.

8.Also think about it as a Product so you can also make a mobile app or PWA or just a web application with a deployed link.

For example,I thought of building a Phonebook to store contact details category wise.

Image description
Live Project Link

It is a known and easy problem.I have used React for building it and Bootstrap for UI.
Github Repository Link

Let me know what you have build.

Happy Coding :)
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Matías Fuentes

Really Nice, im gonna put this into practice.