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Russ Hammett
Russ Hammett

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Using a GitHub organization to organize blog posts — also accidentally hacking Hacktoberfest!

Using a GitHub organization to organize blog posts — also accidentally hacking Hacktoberfest!

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I’m finding my GitHub repositories list to be becoming unmanageable, maybe it’s just because I fork everything rather than star it, though sometimes I do that as well.

I wanted to try something to help with a portion of the organization of my repositories — creating a GitHub organization that houses the code I was using to accompany my blog posts.

The organization was simple enough to do, hopefully I’m not breaking any rules by doing so. And now, all of my blog posts’ code (not much) is organized in a single place! is the location of my organization, and you can see that I currently (at the time of writing) have 2 repositories of code:


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What does this all have to do with Hacktoberfest? What even ***IS*** Hacktoberfest? You can read all about it here. But the tldr; of it is:

Write code and submit PRs during the month of October, and get free stuff!

An unintended (but welcome!) consequence of creating the GitHub organization, was my commits (PRs) to my organization/blog posts repositories counted toward my 5 PRs in the month of October. Granted, I already had my 5 PRs when I discovered this, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless.


Still almost 25k challenge completions to go before they stop giving out free Hacktoberfest shirts! Hack on my dudes!

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Wajahat Karim 🇵🇰

Very nice article and tip.
I have a query which is not related to the article though. How did your article date come with the line "Originally posted on Medium" as shown in this image:

The Medium text

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Russ Hammett Author • Edited on

That's a canonical link:

canonical link edit post

You can set up certain RSS feeds on to pull posts from other sites more or less automatically. I'm using my medium account as the RSS feed so that I can cross post the stuff I write there, to here.

settings rss

EDIT: Oh, the button on the initial comment wasn't doing anything, but seems to work for edit. Too bad I can't just paste images in :D

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Wajahat Karim 🇵🇰

This was very helpful Russ. Much appreciated to explain in details :) Thank you!

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