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Krushnna Baviskar
Krushnna Baviskar

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I am looking for internship in React js.

Any leads would be appreciated:)

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Devang Saklani

Bro once I was in the same condition as you are rn. Believe me almost everyone knows in this field knows React nowadays, If you want to really get a good position and learn something go for something more specific like blockchain developer or Threejs developer or a full stack guy because to me REACT IS BASICALLY A TOOL TO BUILDING OUR WEBSITE nothing else and what if it gets gets replaced by another technology in the next few years?.. all I am saying is go for the method not for the tool.

Also by going in Full stack field you not only learn how to manage state in React but how to connect front-end to back-end and make a application that really serves a purpose and is useful in some way not a useless site that only looks good and is PWA.

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I only offer volunteer experience, would that be okay with you?

Feel free to DM me!

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Ajo Alex

in my opinion you have to apply for a job. obviously they reject the application because of less experience. Then ask them for an internship. By this you will get an internship or job....