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Karsten Silz
Karsten Silz

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How to Build Java Applications Today #65


I cover IDEs & build tools, I measure Java's popularity vs. non-JVM languages, Scala beats Kotlin in job ad mentions, Spring Data MongoDB vulnerability, Kotlin roadmap, Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022.


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I now cover IDEs & build tools, I also measure the popularity of Java vs. Python, JavaScript, C#, and Go, and the Technology Index will only be updated quarterly now.

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Technology Index

I recommend IDEs, build tools, JVM languages, databases, back-end frameworks, web frameworks, and mobile app frameworks. This report is different because it measures popularity by observing all Java developers: job ads from 62 countries, online training students, Stack Overflow questions, and Google searches. My recommendations are based on that popularity, industry analysis, and my 23 years of Java experience.

Popularity trends in job ad mentions: Scala surpassed Kotlin. All databases lost to Postgres last month. Quarkus is number three after DropWizard’s collapse. And everybody lost to the mobile app framework Flutter.

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Release Radar

Eclipse, NetBeans, and VS Code had major releases in June 2022, as did Git and Quarkus. Maven, Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut, DropWizard, and IntelliJ had minor ones.

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New & Noteworthy

Spring Data MongoDB vulnerability, Kotlin Roadmap, Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, and what is OpenJDK.

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Next Issue: Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Karsten Silz is the author of this newsletter. He is a full-stack web & mobile developer with 23 years of Java experience, author, speaker, and marathon runner. Karsten got a Master's degree in Computer Science at the Dresden University of Technology (Germany) in 1996.

Karsten has worked in Europe and the US. He co-founded a software start-up in the US in 2004. Karsten led product development for 13 years and left after the company was sold successfully. He co-founded the UK SaaS start-up "Your Home in Good Hands" as CTO in 2020. Since 2019, Karsten also works as a contractor in the UK.

Karsten has this newsletter, a developer website, and a contractor site. He's on LinkedInTwitter, Xing, and GitHub. Karsten is also a Java editor at InfoQ.

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