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Kyle Boe
Kyle Boe

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Who's looking for open source contributors? (April 30th edition)

Shamelessly copying Ben Halpern's most recent post.

Find something to work on or promote your project here.

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous months is welcome back this month, as always.

Happy Coding!

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Kyle Boe

I'll start off by sharing an open source project that my consultancy helped start for a non-profit called Office Moms & Dads. The app helps schedule/notify volunteers to come in and spend time with kids while they are being placed in the foster care system.

From their website:

Office Moms & Dads is a grassroots volunteer-based organization that serves foster children who have recently been removed from their homes.

Link to Repo:

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Foster kid support is an area I'd love to contribute to. I'll bet others would too, but might not realize that's what this project is about with its unrelated project name.

Thanks for posting about it; I'll take a look!

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campbellbartlett • Edited

I've been working on - I'm finally at a point where the site covers the basics.

Link to repo:

Link to site:

Written in Angular and hosted on netlify.

Still to be added:

  • A section for news coverage
  • A section with player profiles
  • Graphs / wagon wheels for batting stats

If you're a cricket fan and love Angular then please get in touch - I'm keen to grow contributors and make the site something special.

Here's a picture:

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would love to work on the design of the project

campbellbartlett profile image

Hey, that would be great!
Do you want to get in touch on GitHub with some of your ideas?

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Sandilya Bhamidipati

This has 2 of my favorite things. Cricket and coding. Count me in.

campbellbartlett profile image

Awesome. Have you had a look at the project on Github? I haven’t made a lot of changes recently, because the core functionality is all in place. But it would be awesome to start adding new components like a score worm or a batters wagon wheel. If there anything else you think could improve the site, open an issue on Github!

Thread Thread
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Sandilya Bhamidipati

Sure. Will go over it this weekend and start opening issues with possible new features.

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Sean McPherson

all-keyboardevent-keys is an NPM package that attempts to gather‒you guessed it‒all keyboardevent keys.

Currently the library is limited to an en-US keyboard and needs contributions from other users around the world, particularly:

  • China
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • England
  • [insert your country here]

Checkout the contributing guidelines here.

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Tim Bachmann

Sounds interesting. What would be a usecase for this library?

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Sean McPherson

It's a dependency of another library, onkey-event-manager, that uses it for keyboardevent key validation.

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Martin Adámek

I would love to see more collaborators joining my efforts with MikroORM! So far it has been pretty much one man show.

MikroORM is TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns. Currently it supports MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases, but more can be supported via custom drivers right now.

introductory article:

Feel free to join the slack channel (or ping me here) to discuss how you can help! I will be more than happy to assist.

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Shriram Balaji • Edited

I'd love to see some contributions on Cast-Bucket - an open source podcast listening app, for developers. The app is in its early stages of development, and would be great to have some help going forward.

Its written in React Native and React Native Web, and I've strived to achieve as much code sharing as possible between the app across platforms.

Link to repo:

Join the Slack Channel

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Anderson. J

I've just uploaded 'LrcPlayer', a LRC runner written in NodeJS.
Any kind of contribution would be great (feedback, documentation, refactor code, tests, etc)

Link to repo:

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Hamid Semix

I've been working on a completely new php framework that takes a different direction than the existing ones. It follows the mvvm pattern.
It has two repos, the application and the framework repos

Link to repo for application:

Link to repo for framework:

Link to documentation:

Any kind of help or contribution is welcome. Thanks

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Kyle Boe • Edited

Done! 👍

Project Roadmap on GitHub

Everything is prioritized and in order. Feel free to chime in on an issue if you have any questions!

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I'm still looking for help with figuring out how to implement a few features with my ASP.NET Core Middleware for adding suggested HTTP headers, OwaspHeaders.Core:

GaProgMan / OwaspHeaders.Core

A .NET Core middleware for injecting the Owasp recommended HTTP Headers for increased security


A .NET Core middleware for injecting the Owasp recommended HTTP Headers for increased security.

Build status

Build status

Licence Used

License: MIT

See the contents of the LICENSE file for details

Code Triage Status

Code Triagers Badge

Code of Conduct

ClacksMiddleware has a Code of Conduct which all contributors, maintainers and forkers must adhere to. When contributing, maintaining, forking or in any other way changing the code presented in this repository, all users must agree to this Code of Conduct.

See Code of for details.

Pull Requests

PRs Welcome

Pull requests are welcome, but please take a moment to read the Code of Conduct before submitting them or commenting on any work in this repo.

NuGet package

OwaspHeaders.Core is now availble as a NuGet package. The NuGet package can be accessed here

Development Logs

This repository forms the basis for a series of blog posts that I have written on the topic of ASP.NET Core middleware.


You don't need to be a .NET developer in order to help out, because I'm looking for folks to help me out by discussing how to implement them in a framework agnostic way. Specifically this one:

Clear Site-Data is not implemented #32

GaProgMan avatar
GaProgMan commented on Dec 06, 2018


Clear Site-Data is a new header which can be used to tell the browser to wipe out cookies and tokens automatically when a user logs out. This can be useful in stopping Session Hijacking once a user has logged out.

Adding support for the Clear Site-Data header will require some form of controller attribute, perhaps. This is because we don't want Clear Site-Data to be included in every response from the server, only those responses which are generated by logging out.

This will require some thought and planning before implementation.

Links to Header Information

I'll happily talk anyone through how ASP.NET Core handles middleware and how I've designed the code, too.

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Darío Javier Cravero


We're making Views, a new language to implement interfaces and enable designers to contribute to the final application. Views morphs to React and React Native.

Any help regarding the morpher or the docs would be really appreciated!


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Bruno Rocha

I am looking for a new maintainer for Flasgger

More projects on

_nicovillanueva profile image

Haven't played around with Python in a while, but I could use some practice with it and with OpenAPI.
I also see that the builds are failing. If I go and give it a shot, should I contact you via PM (here in

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Veera P

Would like to take stab on few things in your open source list. If you can connect with me for a while

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I'm working on Ctor - a smart contract management solution that enables developers and teams to effectively manage their lifecycle.

The initial prototype is ready.

Plan for the upcoming month

  • Update UI, for more flexibility and additional features in the future.
  • Prepare for different network configurations (deploy to permissioned networks).

Open to any contributions. I'd be happy to help/learn anyone considering to get started with Blockchain development (Ethereum, Solidity, Web3, Smart contracts).
Default stack is MERN/TypeScript Stack.

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Nicolas de Mauroy

I am working on Open Lowcode, an open-source lowcode platform. It provides in hours rather than weeks industrial-strength applications. As a full open-source solution, it is dirt cheap to run.

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Ben Halpern

This is great. I haven’t done one of these in a little while and am all for somebody else taking it over. 👌

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Kyle Boe

I'm happy to take over something like this! I'll try and do it around the first of every month 👍

campbellbartlett profile image

Hey mate,
You can use the api documented here:
As far as I know it’s free!