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8️⃣ Eight User Experience Resources

Looking to improve your user experience (UX) workflow or provide value in increasing the UX of your products? I've provided 8 resources below that I frequently reference for UX improvements when designing and developing a user interface (UI)!


1️⃣ Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group has been a fantastic resource for me over the years. Their resources were a great help to me when starting off self taught in the topic area. They have a ton of great resources for those starting off or looking to hone their UX skill set. I would suggest that you start by reading through articles of interest to you in their deep catalogue. They also include information on upcoming UX conferences as well as provide opportunities to earn a UX certification through NN/g.

2️⃣ Interaction Design Foundation

Like the NN/g, the IDF also provides great resources and articles regarding topics in the UX world. Their strong point is their course catalog and networking opportunities with other UX professionals around the world. If you're seriously looking to expand your UX background, IDF provides a membership tier that has all sorts of perks (unlimited course enrollment and networking opportunities to name a few). But if you don't feel like a paid membership is for you than you can always access their free content as well. Highly recommend checking them out!

3️⃣ UX Collective

UX Collective, a Medium channel, offers various takes on different UX topics. I enjoy reading the articles posted here when I'm in the mood for variety in UX opinions and topics.

4️⃣ Instagram Accounts

@bojanovakovic | @anfisign | @uxgoodies | @uxui_daily | @uxconnect

I try to utilize my socials as channels of inspiration. Following these accounts on Instagram have been beneficial to see what others in industry are doing and what tools they utilize. Check them out for great tips and advice when working on your UX!

5️⃣ UX Mastery

Another great source for articles on or relating to UX. This resource has a lot of variety and is more about general UX information which can range from UX considerations to career advice in the field. I've enjoyed browsing through their articles on career and UX design advice. It's nice to have additional opinions and insight from those concentrated in the field and this is a great source for that.

6️⃣ Usability Geek

I really appreciate Usability Geeks "Start Here" page where they section off articles by category when you're just starting off. This can be super helpful to those that are new to the field and provide a less overwhelming experience than having to determine what you should start with on your own.

7️⃣ The Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things - Amazon

This book is often recommended, along with the author Don Norman, for their contributions throughout the UX community. It is a long standing book that dives into the importance behind quality design built to answer the needs of our user and explains how products can either be loved or drive users nuts. In my opinion, it's a must have for any designer, developer, or anyone that deals with the product creation process.

8️⃣ The UX Book v2

The UX Book v2 - Amazon

Honestly, this book is a gem! When I first purchased it, I couldn't believe how much information was available due to the size of the book... but once I dove into it and read through it, there was so much to learn. It dives into the actual UX lifecycle from an agile perspective and walks through each process. I have already seen major improvements in my UX workflow. I would recommend this book to everyone looking to improve their UX process!

Hope you enjoyed this and found a new resource 🙂 Are there any resources that I didn't list and that you use? Feel free to reach out to me in the comments or on Twitter (@kyle_ui) with any questions you have!


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Yuri Filatov

Excellent article

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Kyle Hunter

Thank you! 😄 glad to hear that you enjoyed it!