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Flow Based Programming

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Hello world

Fluxion is an idea I've been messing with for >3 years. I was originally inspired by Bret Victor's presentation, Inventing on Principal. I finally made a version that I felt pretty good about and made it public. Here is the hello world of using Fluxion:

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This is really cool, Kyle. It reminds me of LabVIEW:

It would be good to know what roadmap you have in mind for Fluxion.


Loved LabView. Had 1 or 2 classes on it in college. My plan for Fluxion is a little haphazard at the moment. Firstly I'm looking to improve various aspects of the UI and make sure it's working as intended for people. After that I think there are several ways Fluxion could go. Derivate products that are more domain specific, keep generic and add installable modules, or focus on Fluxion's potential be a powerful ETL tool.


Hi, - If you would like you can use our graphing library:

We made it for . But it is 100% abstract and written in typescript. You can use it in fluxion and contribute to develop new graph features. What do you think?


I toyed with it when it was new. Also a very good product. The thing that is really important to me is the ability to export your network into a single bundle or module. I don't want to be beholden to the environment that I made the network in. This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the options that are currently available.

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