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How to Promote Yourself as a Freelance Web Designer on Social Media

The website design industry is expected to generate over $40 billion in the US alone this year.

And that number is only going to increase.

But with that increase, comes more competition :)

So, how will you promote yourself as a Freelance Web Designer to stand out from others?

There are so many ways, but in this article I'll walk through using social media.

Promoting Yourself on Different Social Media Networks

Social media has provided us with great opportunities, one of which is the opportunity for free promotion. It can be a decisive part of your success, but marketing yourself is often a challenge for many freelancers.

Let's get started:


  • Create a business page focused on freelancing/your agency.
  • What do you post? Share what you're working on.
  • Share videos/screen recordings of web design tips for businesses.
  • Join Facebook groups in your desired niche or create your own one, then eventually promote your services.
  • Promote your client testimonials - you can boost the posts.


  • Optimize your bio and header image to be focused on what business owners want to see. Are you available for work? Say so.
  • Post daily tips on what businesses could do to improve their sales.
  • Share your work. That's what Dan does, and he's dominating it.
  • Engage with other business/web design tweets.


  • Complete and optimize your profile.
  • Connect with relevant business owners or your desired niche.
  • Post tips and share what you're working on.
  • Use the InMail ads to get client leads - these are effective (if done right).
  • Apply Danny's tips.


With a massive number of daily active users, Instagram is a perfect platform for website designers since it's an image-based platform.

  • Make sure it's clear business owners can hire you in your bio.
  • Post helpful carousel tips for businesses.
  • Create short stories with your tips.
  • Record your design process and talk about it.


YouTube is great for showcasing your knowledge and expertise and it's also a good SEO platform to help your content rank on Google.

  • Create videos on what businesses want to learn about, like how to grow their business with web design + marketing, etc.
  • Showcase your case studies on what you've done for other business and their results, then promote it.
  • Talk about your design process and common mistakes businesses make that costs them $.


TikTok is booming, so it's a good platform to be on if you're good at video.

These are short videos, but you can follow the same guideline as YouTube above.

Other Platforms


If your design skills are next level, you need to showcase it, and Behance is a great platform to do this.

Many clients reach out to top talent there, so share your work and watch the leads come in!

Present it the best way possible, and you can do that by showing your process. To grow your engagement, make sure you appreciate others' work by commenting and liking them.


Promoting yourself is like building up your reputation. Many business owners, thought leaders, and industry experts are using this platform to build their reputations.

Through Quora, you can showcase your expertise in website design since it is one of the most prominent Question & Answer sites on the web. If you want a quality, generic, and reliable results, Quora is an ideal platform for that.

In fact, my brother, who is also a freelancer, got a few clients from being active here.

All he does is replies to business owner questions - as simple as that!

Other Ways to Promote Yourself as a Freelance Web Designer

Create A Portfolio

Relevant skills and abilities are the keys to getting the right clients. An online portfolio website allows you to show what you've done, not just tell what you can do.

The advantages a professional portfolio gives you are:

  • It helps build your credibility
  • It can set you apart from other website designers.
  • It helps people visualize working with you.
  • It shows consistency between what you do and what you say.
  • It gives you the freedom to show your creativity.

Read this for detailed tips on creating a winning portfolio.

Create A Blog

Starting a blog is another way where you can self-promote.

The point of having a blog is this:

  • It showcases your expertise.
  • It helps with SEO.
  • Clients search for a problem, this shows you know the solution.


Networking is absolutely a great way to self-promote. Some people don't like stepping out of their comfort zone (I was one of them), but just start small.

Chat to friends, your local coffee shop owner, and when you get more confident, start attending local business meetups where you can talk to business owners and offer your services.

There are a lot more ways to get clients, which you can read here.

Branding and promotion requires confidence.

Work on your skills, and let your work do the selling for you.

Now it's time to apply all of this, and get the clients :)

Until next time,


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