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Nadia Laasri
Nadia Laasri

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My #100DaysOfCode Challenge Experience Went Well!

I found about the 100 days of code challenge from a friend who tweeted about it, at the same time I liked the CSS images people made and share on Codepen, so I decided to start this challenge and make a list of drawings with CSS by the end of it.

My Experience

I have been making CSS images almost everyday for 50 days regularly, the twitter community were very supportive, they liked what I do and what I share with them.
I started receiving messages saying : " How can I make CSS drawings? " that’s why I decided to start blogging and share everything I know and answer the questions I have been getting.

I made a blog, I wrote about the resources, steps and tricks I have been using to make these drawings.

At the same time, I was learning "VueJs" -JavaScript framework- and I made a small side project ‘jokes app’ just to practice what I have been learning.

Some Tips To Help You During This Challenge

  1. Make A Plan :

Decide what you will work on, maybe you want to work on a specific technology, programming language..

  1. Engage With The Community:

Sharing your progress with the community will keep you motivated and will inspire others to start the challenge.

You can use the #100DaysOfCode hashtag and tweet about your progress, interact with others and learn from them too.

Encourage others and be respectful to keep the community supportive.

  1. Document Your Work :

Always write about your progress, you can use blog posts or tweets to share with others the tasks you have completed, your next ones.

If possible, make your Github repositories public, discuss the code with others and push your changes everyday, don't forget to share the code with the community.

Make some projects you would like to put on your portfolio.

Contribute to open source projects.

  1. Avoid Burnout:

Code for the minimum one hour each day, you can incrementally add more time to code each day if you feel you want to code more.

What I Have Made

With all the support I got from the community, I made more than I expected :

A list of 50 pure CSS drawings

A blog

• Learnt about VueJs and started learning about react native

• Met some amazing people

Thank you for being part of the community

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habeebullahi01 profile image

I tried to participate in the challenge but I barely made a week. I burned out very early. I have always wanted to do it again but I'm just scared. I don't want to delete the tweets of the previous attempt, but if I try again, I don't know how to let people know that it's my second attempt at the challenge. Please help me out.

laasrinadiaa profile image
Nadia Laasri

You don't have to tell that it's your second attempt if you don't want to.
Start the challenge and try to avoid burnout.
All the best

iamrishirb profile image
Rishi Bajpai

Very nice thought process.
Loved your work!! Even I am a CSS lover too.
I had created a gamified interface to visulaise Searching Algorithms by using CSS Animations.

I would really appreciate if you would please check it and leave a feedback !
Linear Search Visualisation

Binary Search Visualisation

My GitHub Link

laasrinadiaa profile image
Nadia Laasri

Thank you !
Nice job

wallwrecker profile image

Lemme, blog my php journey.

onemmanuel4christ profile image

Great achievement

laasrinadiaa profile image
Nadia Laasri

Thank you

anja profile image

Well done 😊 👍

laasrinadiaa profile image
Nadia Laasri

Thank you