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Funniest & most evil Input-Forms

Hi guys,

here something a very nasty and funny developer hase create to drive its user crazy. Some really inovative possibilities of how to use the input fields in forms. (Unfortunately I don't know how to add a video here, so just the link to the 9gag [by the way kudos to that guy, I'm just sharing :) )



make funny GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Happy X-MAS to you all.

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filiptronicek profile image
Filip Troníček • Edited on

In this case, I would suggest just converting it to gif and just embed it as an image in the Markdown.

labibllaca profile image
labibllaca Author

After I tried to upload the video here ( and of course there is no such an option ) your Idea is very good. So i converted it. Thank yoy Filip.

filiptronicek profile image
Filip Troníček

You are more than welcome

ghost profile image

although that would be, somehow, go against the spirit of the video :D

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