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Lakshya Thakur
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Tee or Tree fest ? - Hacktober dilemma

My Hacktoberfest experience (Powered by gifs)

Well, this was my first Hacktoberfest contest. Starting this year, I begin contributing to open source projects. I had few side projects of my own but I wanted to get involved in the open source vibe.

I got the opportunity to contribute to my first one from my job itself. We are working on a software which goes by the name of ONOS. While working on it , I stumbled upon a bug which broke the application when running on TLS and proposed a fix for the same. It got accepted by the community and this is where it started.

Now Hacktoberfest is a celebration of open source. I really didn't know about this a year ago. This year, having been active on Linkedin and now Twitter as well, I was able to stay updated with the events happening.

After reading about it in a Linkedin post, I straightaway headed to the main website and skimmed over guidelines. So let's go through the process of how I searched for repos and made by contributions with my creativity and brain in a long weekend of 3 days :-

Brain : 4 PR's in the month of October πŸ€” ? Seems doable.

Let's go

Creativity : But wait which repository man !!!!

Brain : You remember that time when Bucky Roberts just popped up on Linkedin about a new project that's going to revolutionize payments and stuff ?

Creativity : Ahhhh yeah wait how do you even remember this ?

Brain : That's the only damn job I have besides thinking. Now go over to the Slack link that he mentioned in the post and see if you can find something there.

Creativity - Oh alright chill dude !!. OPENING SLACK in 10,9,8,7,6...

Brain :


Creativity : 3,2,1 - BOOOM!!!

Brain : Yeah so just focus on the keyword - repo or github you know across all channels.

Creativity : SPOTTED !!!. I see two repos😍

Brain : Good catch πŸ‘. Let's explore the first one's issues on github.

Creativity : Wow I actually spotted one which I think I can do. There is horizontal page movement of the website in mobile view for small screen devices like iPhone SE.

Brain : Great let's fix this man. Fork the repo, clone it, create a feature branch, do the fixes, push to remote and raise a pull request from forked to main repo.

Creativity : Yeah I saw you going through contributing guide. Don't act smart with me.

Brain :

brain angry

(After some research and fixing)

Creativity : FIXED IT!!! I am raising my first PR for Hacktober πŸ”₯.

Brain : Look at you all fired up !!. Well good for us. But it's past midnight you know. Let's sleep.

Creativity : Yeah RIGHT!! (Couldn't sleep in the anticipation of whether the PR got merged or not πŸ˜…)

Brain : You ruined the night moron !!. Anyway let's just check on the PR.

Creativity : OMG it actually got merged.

First PR

Brain : That's great and all but 3 more PR's to go dude! It's time for the second repo that we saw.

Creativity : Yup I see an issue for it as well. This one requires more logical tinkering around.

Account Number Link Issue #363

When you:

  1. go to a friends page
  2. view their transactions
  3. click on their account number

it takes you to the overview page, but instead of displaying their nickname it displays the full account number.

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 8 10 03 PM

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 8 10 11 PM

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 8 10 19 PM

Brain : Yeah I should probably take the lead here.


(After understanding the repo and the issue)

Brain : Yup let's start with the code and try some variations of the fix.

Creativity : Yeah this is where I step in 😎.


After some research and fixing

Creativity : Raised another PR!!

2nd PR

Brain : Halfway there man !! and also let's not wait for the merging and meanwhile explore more repos.

Creativity : Fair enough.

(After seeing many fake repos and many brilliant ones together)

Creativity : Yeah this is confusing tbh. I am just going to open Linkedin now and see something new........ahhhhh wait a minute. Someone just posted an update on Hacktoberfest guidelines getting strict and stuff.


Brain : Whattt?? Let's head over to the site and see for ourself.

(After reading updated guidelines)

Brain : I see it's just opt-in now via Hacktoberfest topic on the repository and merging or closing a PR with hacktoberfest-accepted label would work.

Creativity : But wait ???? What about our 2 PRs ?

Hacktober guideline udpate

Brain : What a cry baby really !! All these guidelines apply post OCT 3 12:00 PM UTC. So our PRs are safe.

Creativity : UTC?? What's that in IST ?? Did we miss by seconds?

Brain : Dude just


Just continue with the PRs for now. Let me process all this. You keep calm.

Creativity : Okay okay !!. Well while crying, I came across this good repo with Hacktoberfest topic and it has an issue open to implement DARK mode.

Implement Dark mode in the web app #17

Implement dark mode through a toggle switch in a dark mode which switched between light and dark mode Dark mode settings must persist even after refreshing the page

Brain : That's great now!! Time to use context (React pun)!!.

Creativity : But there a couple of people already solving the issue. They have a head start. Should I still proceed ?

Brain : Yeah man! If this interests us, this would be worth an effort and maybe we will learn something new. So let's go now !

let's go

(After a while with implemented dark mode)

Creativity : Another PR down the line !!. 3/4 of Hacktoberfest is done.

Brain : Yeah let's call it a day maybe. Our pace is good enough. We want to make quality contributions and so patience is necessary as well.

Creativity : That's very logical and correct !! I hate you.

roll eyes

After some time

Creativity : Dude this PR got merged too :D:D:D:D:D.

3rd PR

Brain : Woah awesome man. This is good. Btw - the Account Manager one didn't get merged but that's because they realized that their code needs refactoring after seeing our changes.

Creativity : No problem. Our contribution worked nevertheless :D. BTW another issue opened from the same repo and it's for implementing responsiveness.

Make It Mobile Responsive #21

In order to make the web app mobile responsive, the following tasks need to be implemented.

  • Only the left panel should be visible on the mobile view.
  • If people are on a mobile device, it should show a small card at the bottom which will say "open this website on the desktop to access it".
  • The visitor's and users count along with the GitHub buttons should also be visible on the mobile view also.

Brain : Yes I have some good ideas as well. Let's discuss them with the maintainer over issue comments and implement whatever gets decided.

After discussing changes and implementing them - btw this took longer than expected

Creativity : And that's a wrap on the minimum PR's required to be eligible for Hacktober πŸ˜‡.

(BTW this also got merged)

4th PR

Brain : This has been a great experience. We made 4 PRs out which 3 got merged and all this happened within span of 3 days. You were excellent man!!

Creativity : Dude thanks a lot :D. Couldn't have done it without you. You were mind-blowing !! Let's just hope our PRs pass the 14 day review period and we make it within 70,000 peeps.

Brain : We will don't worry.

After 14 days

Creativity : Lalalalalla! We made it man !! Time to get the tee or the tree or the tee or the tree ??? Dayum. Should have thought about this !!


Brain : Don't worry I was prepared for this. We are going to get that Tee because it's our first time and we are going to plant the trees by paying for them. I saw this on a Linkedin post. What you say ?

Creativity : Now that's why you're the brain of it all !!! Brilliant. Let's do it.


After placing the order for tee and planting few trees

Creativity : You know in the congratulations mail, there was this recommendation to write about our Hacktoberfest experience on DEV Community.

Brain : Who got the time for that ?

Bye bye

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This one of the "gif-iffied" blog post I have ever read. πŸ˜‚. Thanks for sharing.

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Abishek PY

Nice article with gifs πŸ‘

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Lakshya Thakur

Thank you 😁