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The Graphic Design Elements You Have to Know About

Let’s start with a notion that design is a complex, sometimes messy but still fun and exciting business.

When you just master this skill, there are so many things that need to be studied, done, taken into account - not to mention the fact that technology is constantly evolving, new programs appear, and new trends are coming into fashion. All of this can put serious pressure on the newcomers.

There are different kinds of objects in graphic design. The logos, signs or fonts - are intended both for the artistic presentation of the material and for creating a visual-communicative environment.

They have to perform one or several functions at once

  • Attract the attention of the target audience;
  • Present the company, make it stand out among competitors;
  • Inform and clarify, illustrate the meaning-carrying part;
  • Stimulate sales.

They are one of the most important elements used to identify and establish a company, its product or services. Designer mistakes can be very expensive, especially when it comes to active advertising in the media or on the Internet. The main part is considering all of the details that make up for the bigger picture. Creating various objects of graphic design, it’s necessary to take into account the cultural traditions while being able to apply modern marketing techniques at the same time. In addition, it is important to observe the basic compositional principles such as expediency, cohesiveness, harmony and dynamic.

That’s why sometimes it’s easier to have a template to work on. Here’re some of the most convenient and attractive options.

1. Taxi Booking App UI Kit Sketch Template

Taxi Booking App UI Kit Sketch Template

This is the one that looks clean and modern, feels relevant to the time and purpose. It creatively uses the advantages of lines as a basic graphics tool. Various ideas can be conveyed via lines. The straight lines like these speak of order and tidiness, which is exactly what you want to see in a taxi booking app.

  • 30 premade home screen images of superb quality for the iOS system to make the whole process efficient and pleasant;
  • A bright but pure color range that’s customizable and appeals to the eye;
  • The revolutionary and mega-optimized for mobile resolutions font San-Francisco comes in a package.

2. Leminus Web Agency Sketch Template

Leminus Web Agency Sketch Template

This a perfect design set for those, who’re aspiring to establish their company’s presence on the Web. The scale principle plays a huge role here, meaning scale as a specific size of individual elements. When the scale sets the importance of elements - this is called a hierarchy. This is what you want to implement in order for users to pay immediate attention to what’s important. It also allows the brain to process information in an easy way. Apart from this crucial point, here’re other benefits to explore:

  • The design looks balanced, elaborate and orderly due to a striking balance of positive and negative space;
  • The free fonts fit in perfectly and words remain readable with the right color, size, spacing and font style, which are coherent to the total size of the design.

3. Planguru UI Kit Freebie

Planguru UI Kit Freebie

Let me start with a key remark: this kit with its 15+ screen Sketch samples is available for downloading at no expenses for you. The second reasonable thing to know: its creators at Netguru were mentioned in Forbes. To say the least, it has to offer something very good, which it does.

  • The great equity between the display size (in pixels) and the file size (in megabytes), so that the images are displayed correctly and do not slow down the app;
  • There are no “naked images”, as they’re sometimes called in web design. The pictures and icons are “polished to shine” being edited in size, saturation, sharpness, etc.

4. Method Wireframe Kit 2 Sketch Template

Method Wireframe Kit 2 Sketch Template

This is another Sketch theme that deserves your attention. It also works with Figma, which functions in a browser and is available on any platform. The designers, project managers, and customers can simultaneously comment, ask questions and edit layouts. In addition, you can limit the status for each participant, for example, such as “read-only”, without worrying that someone messes up with a design.

  • You can use several different hues to create the hierarchy. To give the element more visual weight, highlight it with a color.
  • The pop-up windows as one of the most effective tools for increasing a subscription base;
  • Five text styles can be adjusted if needed.

5. Shila Ecommerce Sketch Template

Shila Ecommerce Sketch Template

This is an interesting template for a modern online-shop. There’s a basic branding rule hidden in it: repetition. It’s a key element that provides a consistent brand image and logically links all the elements together. It guarantees that a brand is represented organically, as a system in its wholeness of the logo, image and color scheme. In this case, all of the above instantly pops up in a customer’s memory.

  • It works with Bootstrap 4 that gets used to create layouts, and in particular to ensure the adaptability. It provides with the most diverse possibilities for creating a web page such as the grid system, premade CSS-styles and jQuery-plugins;
  • 9 pages for a complete site makeover, About and FAQ included.

6. iOS 11 UI

iOS 11 UI

As you can guess from a title, this theme is for those, who’re loyal to an iOS operating system. It allows you to create a sophisticated app right from scratch, precisely and accurately to impress your potential customers.

  • It operates on the vector graphics that are irreplaceable in the field of design works since they have the developed tools for integrating images and text, a unified approach to them;
  • The vector objects are also easily transformed and scaled, which has virtually no effect on image quality;
  • The template includes both Photoshop and Sketch instructions to make set-up a little easier on you.

7. UI-Basics Iconset Template

UI-Basics Iconset Template

Coming up with the icons refers to a separate web-design field that is often called a technical design. This may explain why it makes sense to get them from a specific source and UI-Basics set is a legitimate proof. The success is guaranteed with these really worthwhile icons that are drawn well by hand.

  • The simple, elegant pictograms contribute to the improvement of the UX and usability aesthetics;
  • The middle ground sizing increases the speed and completeness of perception of the material and all elements of the page by the visitors;
  • The unobtrusive outline look is a “visual helping hand” and serves to facilitate interaction, not as a distracting decorative element.

8. Paper Wireframe Kit UI Elements

Paper Wireframe Kit UI Elements

If you’re looking for a wireframe template, you’ve found the one. It’s the highly-customizable organization of the full functionality of the final product. Imagine a form of a structure with the presentation of interface elements and navigation and their interaction with each other. Then fill it out in a span of a few hours and you’re ready to go.

  • You can choose from the most popular programs such as Photoshop, Sketch or Figma;
  • The wireframe meets all the requirements of BDD (behavior-driven development);
  • The layout is aesthetically pleasing but simple to comprehend;
  • The elements can be used for various purposes and categories.

9. Android Nougat UI

Android Nougat UI

This is for the Android fans. The latest updates keep you up-to-date with the current trends in app development as well as securing that the process runs smoothly. The background images are mostly monotonous, which makes navigation and application functions more expressive. This will also save load time and increase user interaction.

  • The icons are intuitive for customers and allow users to quickly and efficiently navigate through the service;
  • The interface is universal enough to adapt it for a number of purposes;
  • A minimalistic and laconic layout that looks classic;
  • The visual composition of elements looks streamlined and reasonable for whatever usage you’ll get it for.

10. Intro UI Kit UI Elements

Intro UI Kit is for the creative personalities who want to save their time but still have a gorgeous website. The individual elements are transformed into a single whole, where images, text, graphics and colors are formed into a single design. The thought-out composition makes up for the arranged and correctly distributed elements. It doesn’t simply look beautiful in appearance but also is efficient from a functional point of view.

  • The template is characterized by the presence of a large free space, clear contours, bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations;
  • The Flat design gives a site a feeling of lightness and trendiness.

11. Bay UI Kit UI Elements

You can’t go wrong with the 90 variants of a page. Especially, when there are other benefits to reap.

  • You can opt for an adaptive Bootstrap grid, which is one of the best tools to create a unique design. You can customize everything you need - the number and width of columns, indents and even control points, upon reaching which the page layout is rebuilt;
  • It works with Sketch that is 100% vector, which greatly simplifies all manipulations with design elements. You can also have no worries about the differences in sizes for the web, iOS and Android;
  • Vector graphics weigh less, which in itself improves speed and wards off the lags;

12. Animosa

Fonts are an essential part of creating a great visual image. Controversially, it’s one of the most challenging parts to nail. You want it to be noticeable but in an elegant way. You’d like to have it catchy enough, yet, not too over the top. Animosa font family checks all of the boxes.

  • There are no serifs, which is why letters are of regular geometric shape with straight lines and right angles;
  • All of the 508 glyphs emphasize rationality, adherence to style, youth and modernity;
  • The fonts are provided with support for 93 languages!
  • The best part: they are free of charge.

13. 2D Lyric Titles After Effects Intro

High-quality and relevant animation of web pages pleases an eye and helps in work. This is one of the foundations of our web design today. Furthermore, a 2D style has really come into fashion recently since the design trends are increasingly conducive to simple elements with bright colors.

  • Such 2D intro is a very customizable and fun way to define your web-presence and infuse a flair of personality;
  • The files are ready to be edited in Adobe After Effects if required. This program has become an industry standard for creating video effects and motion graphics and you’ll find a lot of step-by-step lessons out there.

14. Clean And Stylish Liquid Logo Reveal After Effects Intro

The impressive beginning is already half of a successful presentation. The animated logo can help you with that. It’s often said that the disappearing, color- changing or transforming in any other way interface elements entertain users, giving a visual design, and hence the entire web resource, recognition and popularity.

  • Sound FX adds an element of "fun and ease" in the process of user interaction;
  • The animated logo reveal is visual evidence that developers and business owners are up to date with the latest web design trends;
  • You’ll get a tutorial so that there won’t be any obstacles to overcome.

Finally, now I’m wondering what are the graphic elements of your choice?

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Jason Davis

You have shared some great pieces of inspiration that will help me in completing some of my assignments at Monster Logo Design.