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Awesome JavaScript Libraries To Check Out.

JavaScript is cool, with it you can do lots of amazing stuffs to your website. Now if you are looking to attract more traffic to your site am sure you will need to make the website attractive, right?
Which is the best way to do so, if not by using JavaScript.

If you have a boring, poor website this can make users jump out of it right away. And am sure you would not want that. So let's change that by the use of this amazing libraries:

🚀 Getting Started


Animating with JavaScript is easy as long as you master on how to go around with it. In today's technology stuck JS is considered as the most essential language because of the wonders it can do with it's amazing features.

In order to do this animations you will need to have extensive amount of knowledge and skills. You will also to have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

JS can also do some cool animations which can't be done with CSS, it is said that JavaScript handles more complex and advanced effects.

Here is a list of the best JavaScript libraries you get started with today:



This is one of the best animation libraries out there, It is flexible and simple to use. It is the perfect tool to help you add some really cool animation to your project. The library has a small file size and supports all modern browsers. Read more on Anime.js 👉 Here


Sometimes working with date and time can be a huge pain, especially with API calls, different time zones local languages and so on. But with the help of moment.js all that can change now.

Although is is advisable not to choose it for a new project, it is still the best library because:

  • supports all browser
  • compatible with other libraries.

Read more about it's use 👉 HERE

03- Leaflet.js


It considered as the best for adding mobile-friendly interactive maps to your projects. The library has a small file size, It is also known for it's simplicity, performance and usability in mind. It is also easy to use and with a well documented API.

Read more 👉HERE


It is open source, It helps with Positioning tooltips and popovers difficulties. It will position any UI element that "pops out" from the flow of your document and floats near a target element.

Read More 👉 HERE
05- Fullpage.js

It is an open source library that helps create full-screen scrolling websites. It is designed to be easy to use and customize, it also has a great documentation on how to get started. It is designed for mobiles and tablets and it is completely responsive.

Read more about it 👉 HERE
06- Scroll Reveal

It is a library used for animating elements as they enter/exit any viewport on a site. It was designed to be robust and flexible, also it is easy to work with.


It is an open-source JavaScript audio library. This library makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms.

Supports all browser-ready files: MP3, MPEG, OPUS, OGG, OGA, WAV, AAC, CAF, M4A, MP4, WEBA, WEBM, DOLBY, FLAC.
It is as light as 7KB gzipped and is 100% JavaScript with no outside dependencies or plugins.
The library controls audio patterns by playing, pausing, looping, and seek to rate. Loaded audios are cached automatically, resulting in a more excellent performance.

Conclusion 👋

We have many JavaScript animation libraries that can be implemented on your projects, in this article I have only mentioned a few of the best in each category with it's ease of use. Each animation library differs from others and each fit different situations.

By using JavaScript library you will make your projects stand out but also Overdoing it beats the purpose and often confuses the user. Be careful and do not overdo/overuse the animations

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Enjoy Coding ❤

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Kristian Pospis • Edited

The title is "Awesome JavaScript Animation Libraries To Check Out" and the only proper animation library that you mentioned was "Anime.js".

GSAP, Lottie.js and maybe AOS.js should be on the list.

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Hillary Nyakundi

All are JS libraries that help in different form, like the popper.js and leaflet.js..

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Kristian Pospis

Yes, those are JS libraries, but their purpose isn't "animation". Leaflet for example creates an interactive map but that isn't considered animation. Popper creates tooltips but that isn't animation.

It would be technically enough to rename the post from "Awesome JavaScript Animation Libraries To Check Out" to "Awesome JavaScript Libraries To Check Out" just like your header image.

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Hillary Nyakundi

Sure thing, Thanks