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T-minus 9 weeks and counting...


"a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals."

You can define a community through a shared interest or by the strength of the connections amongst them (hello conference buddies!). You need a posse of people who are alike in some way, who feel some sense of belonging or interpersonal connection.

At LaunchDarkly, community lies at the heart of what we do. LaunchDarkly was created to enable developers, in one fashion or another. We want to enable developers to reduce risk, test in production at reasonable hours, and deliver their code and features fearlessly. So, when we think of our community, we are not only thinking of LaunchDarkly customers or people who have heard of us. We are thinking about all the developers out there who have to ship to production, meet deadlines, and guarantee that “yes, this code works on not just my computer”.

We incorporate this in many ways with our company values, whether it be celebrating success as a team, supporting our community through things like Code Nation, or, most recently, creating the LaunchDarkly Foundation. The latter helps our community in a different way, supporting non-profits through donations and/or staff time. In this way, we can help make an impact on our society and not just through our product.

Another part of creating a healthy community is asking for feedback. One of the ways we do this is through things like our NPS survey, in which we review scores and comments.

Edith, our CEO, is incredibly diligent about reading the feedback that our users in our community provide. If you don’t follow her on twitter (@edith_h), she does something fun with a “QOTD” (Quote of the Day), which, fun fact, the quote comes from the comments section in the NPS survey! Pro-tip, this is how you can become Twitter-famous, or at the very least for LaunchDarkly. Who knows, maybe someday we can get that magical checkmark…but I digress.

Edith QOTD Tweet

The QOTD tradition is born from the deep-rooted desire to help give value to the community and openly check-in on feedback. In the spirit of having an inclusive community, we want to hear from you, our community, our comrades! We invite you to celebrate and learn with us at our annual conference, Trajectory (just nine weeks away!).

And so…the countdown begins!

We. are. so. dang. excited.

Our developer relations team wanted to start this countdown with everyone, and what better way to do that than some sweet swag and internet fame? Starting next week, we will have a contest where you can enter to win a ticket to Trajectory(!) and some VIP limited edition swag. We will announce the theme at the beginning of each week and give you instructions on how to enter, and then we will announce the winner at the end of each week! Expect bad space puns, sweet content, and more!

Interested? Be sure to follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to tune in for what we’re cooking up. Be sure to nep-Tune in... (I told you that bad space puns were coming) 🚀

But on a more serious note, we want to hear from you, our community. We are developers building for developers, trying to make our everyday lives more enjoyable so that we can indeed deploy on Fridays. And if you want to hear more and don’t have time to participate in our contest, we have Trajectory tickets on sale now! I’ll even share my super-secret-not-so-secret code for a discount: JESS50. Hope to see you online soon!

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