2019 Year in Review

Laurie on December 30, 2019

2019 was an incredible year for me professionally. It was also a good year personally, so I want to be clear that one does not mean sacrificing the... [Read Full]
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What an eventful year! It sounds like everything else fell in place after your consistent blogging habit and general engagement with the community on Twitter, which is pretty cool! Intrigued to see what you'll get up to in 2020 😊


What an awesome year. It's been great working with you at Gatsby already, and I'm super pumped for what's to come! Congrats Laurie :)


Congrats Laurie! Looking forward to see what you get up to in 2020!


Wow, what a year you had. How do you keep yourself from burning out?


Towards the end of the year I did get a bit burnt out. Especially with travel. Feeling good at the moment, but it’s important to pay attention and adjust.


Wow! Quite the year!

Hope you can take some time for yourself in 2020!


Awesome Laurie! You had a great year looking forward to what you get up to in 2020!

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