Is anyone else using Apollo and frustrated all the time?

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My first first experience with Apollo client was a delight. I was connected to my graphql server and up and running in no time. Since then my use cases have become more complex and I find I am always struggling to figure out why the cache hasn't been updated or why my UI didn't rerender. Has anyone else had a similar experience or just me?

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Yes, yes I do experience this right now.
At first I thought it was a breathe since I managed to completely ditch Redux flow in a React app but now I'm frustrated by the lack of granular cache control and overload of magic things happenings somewhere in the background.
There's also some other problems, namely how to efficiently re-run number of queries after user authenticates within the application.
Although to be honestly so many tedious things are heavy lifted by Apollo client that I will probably stick to this flow and find out how it's tied together properly. Since I've barely started I assume there's a lot of things and patterns I haven't discovered yet.


Didn't used Apollo for some time but I remember that in the time I used a lot of workarounds were necessary to achieve my goal. In the end I just used Apollo client to fetch only data and used my own redux store to cache etc..


I've been looking at doing something similar with redux. Did you have any problems using apollo and redux together?

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