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Marketing is not Easy - New Years Resolution - Dev Log 28

So for the last week, I tried multiple strategies to get companies to post on my newly published job board. So far absolutely no progress has been made. I tried signing up for a partnership program with ZipRecruiter and got no response. I tried getting a paid spot on a popular YouTuber Developer's channel, no response. I attempted to give free job listings to companies, no response. So I am kind of at my wit's end in terms of actual marketing strategies.

I guess the next thing I am going to try is pretty simple. I am just going to manually create job listings for companies that already exist and have the apply button go to the form they already have set up to apply through. Then once I have a bunch of those on my site, I will pay for some marketing through Reddit or YouTube or something. My hope is that if I can get developers to apply for jobs through my website, the companies will notice, then start to use my site legitimately.

I apologize for not making the usual amount of these updates lately. I just do not have a lot to say. I am a developer, so it was easy creating updates during the development process. Since I have no experience in marketing this is really my first go in the field. Since progress is non-existent I have very little information to share with people.

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