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New Years Resolution - Dev Log 19

Since my last blog, I have been really trying to hammer out the geospatial search. I originally thought that the Google geocoder API would be the route I take. I decided against it due to it not being a free option. Instead, I am using zip codes and an npm package called: "geo2zip" in order to find jobs that are located nearby. Hopefully, this route pans out. In order to get started on this, I had to edit my schema for job listings. This in turn required that I change the UI and input validation. At this point, even a minor change requires me to edit half a dozen files.

Honestly though, as the world news is right now; I find my ambition slowly draining. The situation with Russia and Ukraine has really got me thinking about how unimportant this job board is in the bigger picture. Something that spurred me back to action though was that HashNode tweeted out my last blog post. I do not know if they have been doing that consistently and I am just finding out about it now, or if it was a one-time thing. Either way, I appreciated it at the moment. Hopefully, I can keep in better spirits.

Glory to Ukraine!

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