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Azure Fundamentals: Wrap-Up

In the previous post I wrapped up review of the subjects areas covered by the exam as describe in Microsoft's AZ-900 skills outline.

You will likely need more than just my notes to pass the exam. In this post I'll provide links to additional resources and some final thoughts.


Below are some links that I used to prep for the exam.

Link Description
AZ-900 main page Microsoft's main page for AZ-900.
AZ-900 exam skills outline Microsoft's outline of the test criteria. I have covered all of this in this series.
Microsoft's introduction to Azure A bit of a sales pitch, but a good start for understanding cloud and how Microsoft is positioning Azure in comparison to the competition.
9+ hours of free online training This material is focused on more than just passing a test. Take a look and actually use what you're learning.
Udemy AZ-900 course by Scott Duffy A deeper dive than my series, including practice exams. There is a cost, but you can usually find sales on Udemy.
All Azure Certifications Microsoft's page where you can browse details about all Azure certifications.

Next Steps

As a developer that does test automation, my next step will be to pursue a more technical certification. At the moment I'm looking at the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate exam.


Although Azure certifications might look good on a resume, what looks even better is practical experience with Azure. As you prep for the exam and learn more about Azure, sign up for a free account, explore the Azure portal, and find some tutorials that cover areas you're interested in. Maybe you can create your own site and demonstrate your ability to leverage some of the key Azure technology.

Now that is something that will really look good on a resume, and also make you a stronger IT professional!

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