Looking for an internship at NYC for a year!

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I AM SO STOKED YALL. I got accepted into my school's programme which lets me work at NYC for A YEAR. I am going to be situated there from the first week of Jan 2019 to Dec 2019.

Am so stoked because even though I originally wanted to go to SV instead, NYC is great too!!! I'm gonna have my fill of streetwear there :P

If anyone has internship positions open for front-end dev in 2019, HMU! I am still in the midst of rewriting my online resume site (because it's sort of a requirement to follow a template given to us by the programme manager, things like writing out modules I took in school which may be relevant to my internship, and writing a narrative of what i can contribute to startups etc). But I do have a pdf resume & github.io link to my existing portfolio ready.

Meanwhile, I have been super busy coding for projects in school, using Angular & Ionic. Been learning a couple of new stuff about the intricacies of javascript and angular 2+ itself that I'd post up soon :D

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So this is part of a school program?

I think this could be very interesting for us at dev.to, we’re based here in NYC.

cc: @jess @peter


Would this internship be paid for by the school? Not that that would be a limiting factor, but just trying to understand the situation.

Hi Ben,

The visa & insurance would be paid for by the school. However, it would be a fully-paid internship from the employer's end.

If you might be interested, would we be able to correspond further through email instead, so that I can put you in touch with my program manager who is based in New York?