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Friendly CLI: a modern C++ library for Linux

lem0nez profile image Nikita Dudko ・1 min read

Hello community! Let me introduce a lightweight library that doesn't require external dependencies. It provides following main classes.

  • Terminal. Use it to find out terminal abilities, such as width or how many colors does it support.
  • Text. Provides an easy-to-use API for text formatting: change style, foreground and background colors. Colorize and stylize anything By using the Palette class you can create your own theme or choose one of the built-in using the Theme class.
  • Progress. Create and customize progress bars. Downloading the Internet

To see full description and code examples, go to the project's GitHub page.

GitHub logo lem0nez / friendly-cli

A modern C++ library for Linux that provides an easy-to-use API for user interaction through CLI

Thank you for attention!

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paramsiddharth profile image
Param Siddharth

Would love to check it out! <3 Is it yet to be supported on MinGW?