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Leonora Der
Leonora Der

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paperie - looking for beta testers

So I made a very simple documentation tool during the summer, and I think it is time to go live soon, but have a beta test phase first!

Check that nice logo! Do you like that? ;)

These are the main features of the application:

  • Manage your organisations, projects and documents

organise your projects

  • Add your custom CSS

you can add your custom CSS

  • Publish your documents (you can add a password, too)

this is how you can publish your documents

  • Download your documents in PDF format

download icon

Looking for beta testers

If you think this application could help you or your company/organisation, and you want to have a forever free plan with all the features included then connect me here or send a letter to and I will send you all the details.

Looking forward to working with you! :)

Here is a longer list of features:

  • manage people
    • registration
    • login / logout
  • manage organisations
    • users can create organisations
    • an organisation has a name and can have a logo and custom CSS
    • manage people’s access
  • manage projects
    • users can create projects in a selected organisation
    • a project has a title and a description
    • can be archived/restored
    • manage people’s access
  • manage documents
    • users can create documents in a selected project
    • a document has a title, version and a description
    • view the rendered document
    • publish document
    • view the published document
    • download document in pdf format
    • manage people’s access
  • manage files
    • users can create markdown files or upload markdown files, images or other resources to a selected document
    • manage the order of files within the document
    • edit markdown files

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Firoz Ansari

I love the logo and the idea behind the product but not much color scheme used - everything is green.