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The Best Python Resources for Beginners

lauravuo profile image Laura Vuorenoja Updated on ・2 min read

My friend told me the other day that she would like to learn Python coding for data manipulation and visualization. Even though I know that there are tons of Python tutorials out there, I had no clue where to point her to. In particular, because I haven't ever learned Python properly, I might not be the best judge for evaluating Python tutorials 😄.

So I decided to phone-a-friend and ask wiser people for some recommendations. As my friend has no previous background in programming, the material needed to be for absolute beginners. Here's a list of the suggestions I got:

Resources in English

Resources in Finnish

Is one of your favourite tutorials or learning resources missing? Please suggest more!

Great sneak photo 🐍 by Tamara Gore on Unsplash


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Minna Nurmiluoto

I've had this bookmarked for my future Python studies:
Not sure if any good but I think it must've been recommended somewhere... (or otherwise I wouldn't have it bookmarked! 😄 )

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Laura Vuorenoja Author

Thanks, I will add it to the list!