How do YOU keep track of weekly 1:1s?

lfkwtz profile image Michael Lefkowitz ・1 min read

I've been utilizing Confluence to keep track of weekly 1:1s with my team for a bit now and honestly neither party finds it intuitive to work with in the slightest.

Curious what methods, tools, techniques, software etc is out there that others are using to keep track of weekly 1:1s.


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Prior to a 1-on-1 with a supervisor, both they and I would add topics/points-of-concern to a Google Doc with running records of our meeting agenda and minutes. (The medium doesn't seem to matter much--I've also done this in OneNote and on Confluence.) We'd live edit the document as we spoke, as a way of signaling what we felt was mutually important to take away, but both of us would seem to also keep side notes for own records.


We use notion and create a private page that is then shared with the individual.

Recently started adding a starfish model that stays at the top of the page and is re-evaluated every couple of months.


Hadn't heard of the starfish model until now - thanks.


Outlook for the appointments and OneNote for the notes, since confluence is tricky, as any admin could read what I wrote in my notes, which sometimes include personal problems of my team members or other stuff that shouldn't be visible to anyone but me.


Does OneNote allow your team members to collaborate with the notes in any way? I'd love something where there's a mix of "private" and "public/collaborative" notes.


Yes, you can generate links and send them to people so they can see/edit private stuff if you allow it. But I ask every team member if they want to read the notes I take and some do, mostly when there's not enough trust yet or when they are insecure, I sometimes write down private notes, but that's mostly stuff I notice during the day or in meetings, that I later on use for 1on1s.

Btw, I don't do weekly 1on1s, It's mostly 2-4 weeks depending on experience of each team member - juniors tend to need more leadership ;)