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How to Build a Live Video Streaming Website Like Twitch.TV?

How to Create Live Streaming Website

What so if you are going to own a lucrative business like Twitch which worths around $3 Million?

Yes, the live video streaming website like Twitch's market value is propelling at an alarming rate.

The demand of live video streaming platforms is on rise since Twitch is generating 3.8 million unique broadcasters over February 2020. The Twitch was hoping to see an ad revenue between $500 million to $600 million, but it actually ended up generating almost $1 Billion in 2020.

The popularity of video streaming websites has brought new resources for multiple industries than just entertainment. Online conferences, Live workshops, Webinars and live events are in the spike for businesses to transform the physical events into digital through the live video streaming platforms. The promising stats and revenue model of Twitch triggered enterprise businesses to build a video streaming website like Twitch that generates revenue in Billions.

Live Video streaming is the new future of video content and it’s only going to grow in the coming years.

Let’s face it. Video is the new blogging.

There might be so many articles about how to create a live streaming website like Twitch, but all you need to understand your live streaming target and industry before getting started with the live streaming business.

The Basic Factors To Understand Before Building a Live Streaming Website

Creating an effective live streaming website with all the basic features and monetization models is only possible until you have an expert team and infrastructure. There are many live video streaming platform providers in the market to build one, but choosing the right one that fits your business needs is all matters.

Follow these factors to pick the right provider for your live streaming business model.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Scalability
  3. Security

1. Flexibility:

Flexibility of the live streaming solution providers defines several aspects, namely Customizable to your business needs, aligns to your feature set, and promising infrastructure to scale your live video streaming business. Other than the customization factors, the live streaming website must be flawless on multiple platforms and devices like Desktop, Mobile and all types of screen sizes.

2. Scalability:

Whatever the user count or devices, a scalable live streaming website can withstand more than billions of live video streams at a concurrent time. The online streaming platform can stream live content without any lag on any platform irrespective of bandwidth.

3. Security:

An effective live video streaming website like Twitch must possess enterprise-grade security and privacy protocols for the live content. Usage of multiple Digital Management Rights, Access control, and privacy watermarks can safeguard the content against copyrights issues.

Some Business Vertical That Are Effective With Live Video Streaming Platforms

Media & Broadcasters

Broadcasters are racing up today to align with the OTT and other emerging internet based content. TV Networks, TV channels are getting ahead in the market with VOD space and live content acquire a huge number of viewers. Live video streaming websites are the brightest opportunity of broadcasters to ramp up their potential viewers on the go.

Live Events

Live broadcast of conferences, seminars and other business events streaming are made possible with live video streaming websites. To deliver information to a large audience base, live event streaming has been the tool to reach millions of viewers virtually and thousands of audience in the physical stadiums.


Remote learning has been the new normal education system right now after the pandemic. Live streaming has become a valuable asset for online learning that gives a classroom-like feel to students and enhances the overall learning experience.

Health & Fitness

Staying healthy online is the new strategy. With online fitness platform, real-time workouts keeps your class real where your audience can keep pace with your activities. Live interactions can be carried with your fitness freaks to engage them and make scheduled classes on time.

Religious & Faith

With online video streaming platforms, spread the faith, preachings across the global audience through their screens. Live streaming platforms can be a part of the religious community to stream gatherings and any other worship activities.

Internal & Enterprise Communication

Live streaming empowers enterprise employee engagement. Enterprises and organizations can deliver employee training over live video streaming ramp up employee on-boarding and strategize to enhance productivity.


Extend the reach of the audience globally with a live performance video streaming. With live streaming for sports, deliver a broadcast feel experience to fans geographically. Distribution of a large sports content is made possible with live streaming where the audience base gets increased for every live stream of sports events.

VPlayed - A Highly Scalable & Reliable Live Streaming Solution

VPlayed stands as a leading OTT platform provider provider in the market. VPlayed is a self-hosted video solution designed for enterprise businesses to build a live streaming website like Twitch with more effective features and monetization models than Twitch.

VPlayed is a completely customized live streaming platform that helps content creators, content owners, publishers, live event hosts to stream live content across multiple sorts of devices and screens. The live streaming solution, VPlayed, ensures to provide a scalable content management & distribution system to deliver HQ live content to desired geographical location.

Effective Features To Amplify the Performance of the Live Video Streaming Platform

Live Streaming App Features

Here are the features that makes live streaming possible:

1. 100% Customization

VPlayed delivers a complete customization on features, functionalities, monetization models, Content distribution, security and much more based on the need of your live streaming business model. The customization of the live streaming website involves design, dev of application with intuitive design that aligns with your brand.

2. Live to VoD

With VPlayed’s Live, once the broadcast of live events are achieved, you can flip the live content into VOD content for multiple users with a subscription model to drive additional revenue. The Live to VoD apis gets the transcoding, clips posted quickly to deliver additional reach.

3. Interactive Streaming

While delivering live content to multiple audiences across the geographical locations, engaging them is quite impossible. But with Live Polls, quick Q&A sessions and live chats can help to engage the audience and drive decision-making.

4. Live Streaming Monetization

As live video streaming is more popular than ever, the opportunity of generating more revenue through video monetization models is said to be sky-high. A wide range of monetization models available to trigger your revenue generation chances.

i) Advertisement:

The advertising module lets you run the ad at any point during live streaming events or streaming of video content within the website. The Mid-roll advertisement or initial ADs lets users watch the ads and performs about 90% than other monetization models.

ii) Sponsorship:

Sponsorship models are quite a considerable source for generating revenue for content creators. The sponsorship monetization model powered by Contus Vplay is made simple through optimizing the ad within the video content that is more engaging.

iii) Pay-per-view Model:

This acts as a virtual box office for content creators. The features enable the content owners to generate a decent revenue through live streaming of events and content that is watched by every user will directly reflect in the maps of content owners revenue.

5. Simulcasting

Broadcast live events or programs more than one medium or service simultaneously on different devices to get wider coverage of the audience. Simulcast any event or live programs to multiple websites or platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Mixer, Facebook, Instagram or anything platform to achieve additional content reach and possible revenu opportunities.

6. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

The adaptive bitrate streaming optimizes the viewing experience of live content across the devices no matter of connection and network range. An enterprise live video streaming platform supports low latency and helps to connect with users through your live content no matter which screen device they use.

7. HLS-built Player

An enterprise HLS video player can create impressive content viewing experience with fastest playback, 360 degree video support, third-party interactive capabilities, UI/UX expansion, sleek bars, offline viewing and much more. The player also includes skin assets, thumbnails, descriptions, search terms and other playback tools for a smooth live content viewing experience.

8. Content Delivery Network

With a best-in-class content delivery system, you can deliver outstanding user experience to a global audience. Deliver right content to the right audience through a robust CDN that helps to process, manage and secure the delivery of every live streaming of media content at a huge scale.

9. DRM & Security

Secure your live video streaming website or app with multi-tiered security systems which include AES encryption, DRM and IP based access control that will help you prevent video assets from data breach. Also involves water-marking of the live content to protect against pricy of the content and secure Token based playback protection gives a robust security.

10. Real-time Analytics

Track, monitor and report every move of your audience within the live streaming platform effectively. The real-time analytics helps to identify the best content viewed, engaged to make actionale decisions. Monitor viewer-level analytics, audience behaviour, traffic sources and geographical location of each audience through analytical tools.


VPlayed’ live streaming solution helps enterprises, media professionals, video publishers to build a live streaming website complete with features for publishing, broadcasting, managing, and measuring video performance from a single dashboard.

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