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Code like a Fullstack girl updates #2

Hi, everyone!

It's good to write in a daily basis and I really want to adapt my routine so I can do this more frequently. I'm trying to be more healthy, eating better, doing some daily exercising (I used to do it only thrice a week), trying to drink 2 litres of water a day (at the moment I wrote this on the Portuguese blog, I had drunk 1l, but as I translate this post, I've already reached 2!) and this kind of things I only think about when I'm - theoretically - bored. I had reached my limit when I tried to drink lemon and cucumber water in the morning. I am not a fan of it neither want to try it again.

These days, as I've already told you, have been wonderful for my studies and my main hobby: to read and to watch things. I also told in the last post I've finished Anne With An E, and I started Itaewon Class today. I still haven't watched it all (until now), but I think the storyline is really interesting and I'm hoping I will be able to get along with it.

This (should be) the second post about the Code Like a Fullstack Girl Bootcamp, from Digital Innovation One. As I had mentioned before, I did 14 exercises in the total but still think about it the same way: I should be able to search more if I'm looking for a complete formation. Classes are good and explanatory, but are way too theoretical and the challenges are just video callings with broken audio.

I hope to complete it today, but I'll only post my final impressions tomorrow. It's not as heavy as I thought it would be, but I am not sad about it. I couldn't expect that much of an online course. They gave me essential topics and I should study, exercise and learn them more deeply if I really want to do it.

With quarantine, I had enjoyed each one of the 24 hours of a day studying or doing something else (like sleeping? That is important, don't forget), and making this Bootcamp available was a great idea. I think about paying more attention to this platform these days to see if they make something else (but related) available, since most courses of them are closed, and the open ones are not of my interest.

Beyond studying, I have been thinking about my academic and professional future. I had signed up for many other classes, including UFRGS-Lumina's Deconstructing Racism Practically. I like the didatics of their courses. There is one, for example, about Greek poetry, in which the professor sings Sappho's (and many others') poetry, and talks about the poets' lives. At the ending, it has a small quiz and that's it.

What have you done these days?

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