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100 days of code pt. 2!

2019 was a busy and confusing year. Going from school to university, ignoring prep courses or public tenders, made me feel lost and insecure about myself. A federal university is way bigger than the neighborhood school where I spent the largest 4 years of my life. An university student's lifestyle is also way different if you compare it with a second year student, for example. That, obviously, depends on the school and the university the student had enrolled.

I came into the Computer Science course without any prior (relevant) knowledge in Programming, Informatics, or even Calculus. After the year ended, I realized I didn't needed it that much.

But anyways, I was totally lost, letting things happen so I could get used to my new academic life, until the bomb came: I would have to repeat 3 subjects.

After crying a river, I woke up and realized that, if I didn't (actually) studied, I would be in the same place forever. So I studied and I think things got right after it.

While I was studying, other opportunities came, like Python Nordeste and my first 100 days of code, which I did inspired by Ana Paula from Ana no Terminal blog. It was my debut as a "tech sub-blogger", since I only posted about BTS, cute things and rants to that date. I was so proud of myself that I created LinaLina Study, my studygram which I use to register my study life.

Unfortunately, LLS is not so active now, because of some little problems that ocurred on my notebook, which I've talked about last post.

But, leaving this introduction aside, I'm only writing here to announce that I'm re-starting 100 days of code tomorrow, February 1, and ending it by May 11. This year, my main focus will be "Python and web development", and I'm going to stop searching for BTS memes for each Twitter post I make.

See you tomorrow!

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acredito em você, continue

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Lina Dias

obrigada :)