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Beyond Compliance: Fable’s Mission to Improve Digital Accessibility

It's time we recognize that the way we build digital products is broken. That's because the products we use today represent the people who build them more than the people who use them.

There is a digital divide between the experiences of people with disabilities and people who are able-bodied. Bridging this divide is about more than compliance or checking a box.

Fable is helping companies practice accessibility at scale with the goal of operationalizing accessibility in the same way we already do for things like DesignOps and DevOps.

Listen as Fable's CEO and Co-founder, Alwar Pillai, and Fable's Engineering Manager, Perry Trinier, talk about the importance of inclusive design, the need for digital accessibility and how to integrate accessibility into the development process.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Fable's founding story and mission
  • The need and importance of inclusive design
  • How engineering orgs can improve accessibility
  • Making your tech stack more accessible
  • Why everyone benefits from inclusive design

Check out the full episode on our YouTube channel:

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Top comments (2)

cmcclannahan profile image

It's important to make sure the digital world is completely accessible to everyone, I'm glad companies like Fable exist to help make that happen

nobilitypnw profile image

Important stuff. This seems like a great company run by great people. Issues like these need more attention, so thanks for sharing!!!