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From Twitter Spaces to Independent Artists: Leading Org-Based Innovation

Imagine a future where anyone can be a musician. Now ask yourself what that has in common with building Twitter Spaces. The answer? Org-based innovation.

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, we’re joined by the talented Pablo Jablonski, the engineer responsible for leading the team behind Spaces. Today, Pablo is reshaping the music industry as the VP of Engineering at United Masters.

In this free-flowing conversation we unravel the intricacies of building Spaces, discuss Twitter’s pivotal role in public discourse and break down some of the historic challenges faced by Twitter’s engineering team.

Pablo also explores how United Masters is bridging the gap between artists and their dreams, empowering them to take control of their own destinies. Taking cues from his time at Twitter, Pablo and his team are building a platform that aims to dismantle the music industry’s traditional hierarchies.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:00) Building Periscope & Spaces at Twitter
  • (7:10) Twitter's 10 Rules for Communication
  • (12:59) The impact of modeling behaviors
  • (15:55) Twitter today
  • (22:54) United Masters
  • (26:14) Applying lessons learned at Twitter
  • (34:24) Any problem can be interesting
  • (37:30) Future of the music industry

Read full episode transcription here.

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