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Management and the Future of AI with Azure's CTO

Has your entire career ever hinged on a single moment? For Darren Dillon, free beer in college set him on the path to a computer science degree and eventually a wildly successful career at Microsoft.

Today, as the CTO of Azure and AI at Microsoft Industry Solutions, Darren leads an impressive team of over 130 engineers and is at the forefront of cloud computing and AI technology.

Listen to Darren as he discusses his management philosophy, why he believes status reports are overrated, how to best think about building products for your end user and the implications of the GDPR on the future of AI.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • What GDPR means for the future of AI
  • Why managers shouldn't believe status reports
  • How "real people" use computers
  • Advice for setting boundaries when working with close friends
  • The future of cloud computing and Azure

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Top comments (2)

nobilitypnw profile image

Free beer leads to many great decisions. Right?

cmcclannahan profile image

The possibilities of AI in the future are endless, really good episode!