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Rethinking Teamwork with Range

"Where is the future of work" is almost as important a question as, "What is the future of work?"

That's why the minds behind Range are on a mission to keep teams connected, focused and productive no matter where they're working.

Dan Pupius, CEO and co-founder of Range, joins us this week to discuss the need for better, more collaborative tools as work becomes increasingly team and project based. Dan believes software development was the vanguard to the 21st century work model: when a distinction between 'normal' work and hybrid work will no longer exist because all work will be hybrid work.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Why current management models are designed around factories
  • What is hybrid work and is it the future?
  • Hybrid work best practices
  • How a sense of belonging helps teams move faster
  • The reasons work has become increasingly team-based

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quennelpatterson profile image
QuennelPatterson • Edited

Most people prefer truly remote work. And I understand that this is very convenient in modern conditions, when people often work from home instead of offices. This is comfortable and I am very interested in the fact that productivity does not fall during such work. At, I read a lot of information about corporate culture, as well as about teamwork while working online.

nobilitypnw profile image

I can't tell if they consider themselves direct competitors to Slack or just frenemies. Lol.

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon

They have Slack integration so... the latter?

cmcclannahan profile image

It really does feel like hybrid work becoming the norm has been accelerated, it'll be interesting to see where it goes into the future. Really seems like a lot of people prefer remote work