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The Dangers of Shipping at All Costs w/ CEO & Cofounder of 33 Teams, Drew McManus

In a field like engineering, to have a truly unique 30,000-feet view of the profession, you need someone with 30 years of experience in adapting, innovating and creating in the space.

That’s why we were so excited to talk to Drew McManus, CEO and Cofounder of 33 Teams.

An engineer who’s helped shape the formative years of Apple, Adobe and so many more companies you have on your phone right now, Drew McManus is now advising rapidly growing dev orgs across the world at 33 Teams.

Drew is an oracle (no pun intended) on how to see dev orgs as living organisms, identifying the structural, psychological and technological maladies keeping teams from becoming who they aspire to be.

In our conversation, we touch upon everything from tech debt, to unlocking creativity to the all-too-common danger of shipping at all costs.

If ever there was a way to download 30 years of engineering leadership in one hour, this is it.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:20) What is 33 Teams all about?
  • (7:45) 2 simple questions all teams need to be asking
  • (20:22) The importance of curiosity
  • (27:21) Fictional rivalries between teams
  • (34:02) Common pitfalls startups can avoid
  • (39:09) Dangers of shipping at all cost

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