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Treating Devs Like Human Beings

Sometimes among all the sprints, the pressure to ship faster, tools to measure lines of code written, it seems like we as an industry forget a simple fact: developers are knowledge workers, not robots

To remind us what it means to be a human, we invited some of the most empathetic engineering leaders we know to Interact and asked them to sit on a panel together. The conversation that followed is one of the most insightful and relevant conversations we've heard all year. Whether you are an IC, manager or manager of managers, we promise this conversation will help you become a more empathetic leader and colleague.

Today's episode of Dev Interrupted features Kelly Vaughn, Director of Engineering at Spot AI; Jean Hsu, VP of Engineering at Range; and Lena Reinhard, an engineering leadership coach.

Episode Highlights:

  • (3:34) Hot take: no coding exercises in technical interviews
  • (13:35) Why the panelists are so passionate about this topic
  • (28:52) How to conduct a proper 1:1
  • (36:44) 'BS metrics'
  • (46:38) Burnout isn't the '24 hour flu'
  • (53:41) Discussing burnout with your manager

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