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Adventures of a Hobbyist ~ Part six

A slow week

What is this?

I'm learning node for an opensource project, I've decided to document my journey as a way to keep me motivated and to get helpful suggestions or help when the time comes.

Here are the previous posts in the series, the list is getting long so I may start only including the last post, or maybe I'll make an index post.

What do you mean "a slow week"

Last week, as some of you may know, I was on vacation meaning my return to the office involved lots of catching up, leaving little room for side projects, like programming.

But I still wanted to do something even if it was small so I wrote a simple node script.

What was the script?

Two weeks ago a user called @markmatute asked for node exercises to help them learn, I thought up a simple one and gave it to them.

The simple gist was for a CLI tool that takes a username as an argument and returns the 10 most recent posts by that user. On a side note, has an RSS feed, who knew.

I decided to tackle my own exercise, I mean, how hard could it be.

The code

As I've said before I'm still learning so if you see any errors or just sloppy code let me know in the comments it really helps with the learning experience.

const RSS = require('rss-parser');
const rf = new RSS();

// third argument, which is the user input one
const arg = process.argv[2];

// function to take RSS data and log it to the screen
function print(result) {
  console.log(`Author: ${result.title}`);
  console.log(`Description: ${result.description}`);
  // only keep the first 10 items
  let items = result.items.length > 10 ? result.items.slice(0, 9) : result.items;
  //iterate through the items
  for (let item of items) {
    console.log('\n'+item.pubDate.substring(0, item.pubDate.length - 15) + ':');
    // only show this line if there is something on it
    item.content.trim() && console.log(item.content.trim().replace(/<[^>]*>/g, '').split('\n')[0].split(/\.|!|\?/)[0]);

// start everything off by calling the function with 
// URL and argument
rf.parseURL(`${arg}`).then(print).catch(err => {throw err});

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As you can see, it's quite simple I use RSS-parser to read the RSS feed and then have a loop to go through the items and print them out in the format I wanted.

The output

I used @ben as an example, he's got a lot of posts so it was easy to see if it was working.

node .\devtofeed.js ben
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Author: Ben Halpern
Description: A Canadian living in New York, having a lot of fun cultivating this community! Creator and webmaster of

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Signing off

This really was a short post, next week, provided life is back to normal, I plan on looking at node routers and then maybe js routers on top of that. Thank you for reading.


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