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Write Letter #1 Prototyping

littleboycoding profile image Thanawat Yodnil ・1 min read

In first part, I'm going to setup my project for Write Letter, but first let me explain you what is Write Letter.

What is Write Letter ?

well, write letter is little web app which allow anyone to write anything openly and anonymously no sign up required


  • No Sign-Up required
  • Write anything, just be polite
  • Comment (ofc)
  • 2 type of writing types "post" and "paper plane" (detail below)
  • Dark/Light Mode !

Type of posting

  • Post is just normally post to writing board so anyone can see
  • Paper plane is not publicly see by anyone but randomly stranger will catch it

Technologies stack

  • ReactJS
  • TypeScript
  • MongoDB
  • GraphQL (Apollo)

In first part I start my React project with create-react-app (typescript template) (cuz is good)

Mostly I just prototyping my app in this part and created basic name input

Alt Text

That's all for first part, thanks for reading !


I also created timelapse tool which I called "timelapse" you can use it to captur screen and compile it for timelapse, check it out !


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