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Write Letter #3 Pagination, Paper Plane mode, Commenting !

littleboycoding profile image Thanawat Yodnil ・1 min read

In this part I'm implmenting pagnination to reduce data overload add new writing mode (paper plane) and finally commenting !

I have to say pagination is very important for app like this one, because if user load all data from database at once, that's gonna be big problem

So, I decied to create pagination for letter and comment to help to reduce data overload

Alt Text

Before went for Paper plane writing type I want to implement comment system first

What is paper plane ?

As described in first part of this series, paper plane is writing mode that is not publicly visible to anyone but randomly one stranger will catch it !

Remark who do we got in this part

  • Pagnination
  • Comment
  • Paper Plane


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