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I apologize in advance for this not being a direct answer, but I wanted to address the question itself as it's one of the more important questions in the software development industry:

The nature of cloud services is that they are commoditized computing, meaning that whoever provides the service should not matter beyond operational costs. A system built with properly decoupled service layers should be able to swap out a cloud service provider whenever someone has a lower cost for the same service.

Therefore, from my perspective, the question of AWS/Google/Azure/IBM reads as "Who do you prefer getting your electricity/water/gas/internet from?" My answer would be, "Whoever's cheapest for the same level of service."

Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and IBM are spending vast sums on marketing to try to convince us that there are significant differences in whose CPU, RAM, and Disk space we use. There isn't. If the differentiator is how hard service is to learn, and/or if you already know how to use it, that's no differentiator at all.


Can someone with experience on both platforms elaborate?


wrote some details on the differences here:

heads up, it definitely favors AWS, but worth a read.


AWS but only because I’m more familiar with it....

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