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2020 Women In Tech Salaries (Response Data!)

I created this sheet for women to anonymously share their salary info, job titles, and benefits. I'm so inspired by ALL of you amazing females.

By sharing this info with each other we can better help the women in tech workforce to keep growing and understand the landscape during salary negotiations and raise discussions.

2020 Female Salaries in Tech Public Google Sheet

A link to fill out the form for your data to appear here is included on the top of the sheet. Please share!

**UPDATED! Thanks to the commenter below who help me accountable to proper privacy standards. This doc has been updated to ensure anonymous data and the full privacy of submitters.

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Dian Fay • Edited on


This is not quite as anonymous as you think it is! Please take the sheet down as soon as you can and make sure identifying information has been completely scrubbed before you open it back up to public access. If you'd like more information, feel free to get in touch: di @ nmfay dot com.

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Updated!!! Thank you Dian for keeping us all accountable. You're awesome.

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Ben Sinclair

What are you comparing these data to?
Would this be more useful if it also had men's salaries or will you compare to the average and then bias it against proportional employment?

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I would love to compare to men's salary data -- but I don't have direct access to communities that would provide that. Maybe I should start another sheet and post it here and men can participate?


Thank you.

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