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secure password holder

I had this idea in mid, and I wanted to write it down, is ungrammatical, and you can skip this post xd.

a product to keep passwords safe.
A kind of small card holder that can be opened.
It will have to be managed by a company that keeps the list of passwords and encrypted description.
The password to decipher will have to be remembered by the person, and will have to worry about finding it
a place for his password, maybe with an extra service of the company, or kept hidden by the person himself.
The portapassword will open and will contain a copy of the encrypted password list of the central database.
When connecting to the internet the password holder will synchronize these two copies according to the person's choice, with a change-log of the changes in git style, also encrypted along with the list of passwords.
When the customer enters the password in the password holder, with optionally fingerprints or other identification marks (in this case, they will be part of the password to encrypt / decrypt).
There will be a list of password descriptions, to view the corresponding password you have to press and hold next to the selected description. When the wallet closes, it ajar, or too many passwords are displayed in the same session, it automatically logs out.
In the same session you can see different passwords with a lapse of seconds between one display and another.
If the password holder is stolen or lost, just contact the password holder service through the phone and there is the possibility to block that account, identified by an ID.
To unlock it you need to make a detailed identification at the service, if the identification was successful you have to wait a fixed number of days for the account to reactivate (in case a person has pretended to be someone else, time is given to the scammed person to call the company, so in this case, it will be necessary to make further investigations, comparing the people concerned).
The viewing angle of the password holder screen can be restricted, allowing only those who are perfectly in front of them to be able to read.
You can put a sensor that when the password holder is not held by a pair of hands immediately interrupts the session, or in a hand pass.
To enter the password, the keys can be under the password holder, in order to better hide the entry

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