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Lost Semicolon 💻🖱
Lost Semicolon 💻🖱

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The big secret to being consistent 🤫

Today marks my 100 days of Duolingo learning - it is also 100 days since the 1st of January!

Three months ago all I could say was “I EAT APPLES” but now I can probably fumble my way to ask for the bill. I can also proudly express that I write letters on the beach (I don’t do that, but the potential to do so is there if the occasion ever presented itself and I had to tell someone about it). Even yesterday I caught some Spanish words on the recently streamed “Yo soy Georgina” - so you could say I will be pro in no time.

But, I have never been a type to stick to something daily, but this time I have - so what was different?

  • Firstly, I picked something I wanted to do. I always wanted to learn Spanish but I wasn’t sure it was the right “choice”. Were there other languages which were more useful to learn? Maybe bring me more income or job prospects? I used to do German and Japanese, should I not just build on those? But once i put those questions aside I could actually concentrate on learning how to book a table for 2 on my imaginary trip before bed each night. And it is good albeit sometimes frustrating fun.

  • Secondly, and probably most importantly, Duolingo lets you show up everyday in whatever way you can. One lesson is roughly 16 little exercises and you can do as little or as many of them as you can. Don’t want to do new lessons? You can go over your mistakes.
    Don’t have time to do that? That’s okay, there are short stories you can do instead. It is the habit of doing it everyday that is more important than the volume you do on the daily.

  • Thirdly, Duolingo let’s you fail without too much punishment. It allows you to not loose your streak if you miss a day every once in a while. The app focuses on getting you back on track as soon as possible and so you do not get the dread of “ i just lost my X day streak” and removes the “ What is the point of getting back to it now”.
    Will I reach my 365 day streak? Time will tell. But this journey showed how much I can achieve when I show up without expectations of being perfect. And to look back and acknowledge where I am, because looking back, that starting line is not even in sight anymore.

Happy learning !

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