Console.log('Hello World');

lucasmonteiroi profile image Lucas Monteiro Inácio ・1 min read

At First, this is my first post and first in english, my apologies for any grammatical error, I'm studying english to improve this.

Hello everyone, I'm Lucas, a developer in transition from .NET/.NET Core to Node. I've been work with Node since 2018, when I see the facility to develop API's and other things. Look impressive, I really like and decide to change my focus to this world of javascript.

I have 28 years old and like study and discover many ways to build something using new technologies, this make me feel when i started develop in 2014. I'm very excited to learn more frameworks, partterns, concepts and improve my knowledge in software development.

This is my First post talking about me and my career, the Focus of New posts is to, talk about my study and knowledge I've acquired with node to share with someone, began in this World.

The next post is to talk about my template project and How In use the libraries.

Thanks guys.


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