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Final Hacktoberfest Pull Requests!

Wow! What an amazing month! We finally finished Hacktoberfest and it was one crazy ride! During this blog post I will be going over the issues and final PR I did for Hacktoberfest.

The issues that were taken

The two issues I took were:


This issue was a big step for me as I was contributing to a project I have never contributed to and was adding a feature to the repository. I had to integrate support for the whispir provider. It took a lot of time preparing and reviewing their rules to contributing. Since it is a small project there is not much support for it but, the people who are working on it are very motivated and inspired to work on it. If I ever had any questions the community was there always helping me! Submitting the first pull request took some time as I didn't have a template and I had to do research for the provider that needed to be added. The pull request is still being finished currently because I am fixing changes that are requested. You can find the pull request here.


Near the end of Hacktoberfest I was able to pick up two issues from the telescope project updating outdated dependencies. I wasn't able to create a pull request as I am currently in the process moving so I did not have the time to complete the issues but, will update you guys in a future blog post about the completion.


Hacktoberfest was a lot of fun to contribute to and learn new code. This year was a rough start because some projects I tried to contribute to were not respondent or required a lot more time and support from the community. Although I had those tough obstacles, I am hoping next year to complete a lot more pull requests and to contribute to projects I personally use. Thank you for reading my last Hacktoberfest blog until 2022!

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